Christmas In Quebec City Canada

Anisha Yadav
Sep 13, 2019   •  616 views

Dashing through the snow,

In a land filled with beauty

All the fields I go

Are overflowing with the snow.


Quebec city Canada

Quebec City is situated on Canada's Saint Lawrence River in Quebec. This city is famous for it's french- canadian culture. Most of the cities architecture is located in Vieux Quebec, or just Old Quebec. The architecture of this city is based on the European cities and so there are a lot of similarity between Quebec and France. The city is covered with snow during December, and it feels as though it was designed to be the perfect Christmas Village. The major attractions during Christmas include-


1) The German Christmas Market


This Market has one stop shops for all your gift items and is open from around 22nd November to 23 December. You can discover, local artisans, European delicacies, or even play in the snow.

2) Take a Stroll around Petit Champlain District


If you ever wondered how would it feel to walk in a Hallmark Christmas movie, then this is the perfect place for you, twinkling lights, Sparkling holiday lights, and it's narrow streets where local boutiques, historical architecture, and restaurant meet in the narrow lanes.

3) A Christmas themed bar called Miracle


They serve holiday special cocktails, the best Christmas music and comfort food. You can find various types of hot chocolate too.

4) Ice skating at Place d'Youville


If you are an expert or even learning to skate, this is just the place for you. It's situated next to city's fortress wall,so you can skate and enjoy the view. This ice rink is open year long.

5) How about an amazing hot chocolate to warm up in the chilly winters of Quebec


There are three major destinations if you are a chocolate lover, the first one is Erico, they don't only offer hot hot chocolate but a whole chocolaty menu and next to the shop is a chocolate mesuem, that you can't deny but adore it's beauty.

Next in line is Mason Smith, they serve a hot chocolate full of ganache and pastries. Last but not the least we have Champagne chocolatier who is sells a very velvety hot chocolate, and shop is filled with so many sweets of the season and regular ones as well.

6) Salon Nouveau Genre

This is an yearly event where artisans come and perform various events, it is particularly for 10-17 years old students to show their talents in the field of fashion, beauty and cosmetics, this event has a different name each year. This was the name for last year.

7) Soothe yourself in Spa

Quebec has this Strom spa, where they provide thermal experience and it is just amazing, either you can take it or gift it to someone as a voucher. They provide food and vine pairings, which will make you there exists another world.