10 Places To Find Peace, Adventure And More

Andreena Sung
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How can we miss out on this ultimate destination when we are talking about budget travelling? Yes, we are talking about Mcleodganj! What is cheap hear? Well, what if I told you everything! The train to Dharamshala, guided treks and even the pancakes won’t burn a hole in your pocket! You can take in the serenity of the hills, all while lodging in a hotel at affordable rates (there are so many options!). If you are a trek junky, you can even try the Triund trek, which is a small way from Mcleodganj.

Imagine ride a boat, while sipping special tea in a holy city. This is only possible in Varanasi, which offers numerous affordable stay options and of course endless special teas! So, pack your backs and go to one of the seven holy cities and wash away your sins as the price of almost nothing! Of course, don’t forget the boat ride and chai!

Feeling too stressed? Want to take a calming break? Well, Amritsar can offer you the same and not at the cost of your bank balance. If you a guy, then you can stay at the gurudwara by paying in a nominal amount. If you are a girl, then it is free for you! You can find both, good people as well as good food, right here in Amritsar!

Udaipur is the mystical place where you can experience palace over breath taking lakes. The flavors of the city are best enjoyed by visiting lake Pichora and the grand City Palace. You can find places over looking the lake and even eat your breakfast on the lakeside.

5.Ajanta Caves
This is perfect destination for every history and art buff. The Ajanta and Ellora caves make you go back in time and appreciate the culture, art and the rich history which makes us who are today! Especially if you close by, these are the perfectly historically rich getaways for you and you friends! Go explore history wrapped in paintings!

6.Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is famous for all the goo reasons. From seeing Mandir Palace to visiting Gadisar lake, your options here are endless! It is your taste of royalty in a budget! Other than forts and temples, the city also offers pocket friendly accommodation and affordable food charges. The travel to Jaisalmer is also cheap thanks to the low train fares.

7.Hampi, Karnataka
Hampi is 365 kms from the happening city of Bangalore, making it the perfect weekend get away! Hampi boasts historical monuments which you can cycle through, taking in the beauty and epic architecture. Hampi also offers ruins of palaces, temples and the machans! Major attractions in Hampi include; Vithala temple comples, Sanapur lake, Virupaksha temple, Elephant Stables, Daroji bear santury and Queen’s bath. Options of homestays are also available to travelers here. So, if you are a Bangalore resident, then going here should be a no-brainer for you!

8.Savarkut, Maharashtra
This is an off-beat destination, that offers beauty and peace, both. There are many travel companies which offer tour packages, which include all adventure activities and accommodation charges, all at a reasonable price! You can enjoy white water rafting in Vitarna, which about 11 kms from Savarkut Vilage. And if not rafting you can indulge in activities such as rappelling and kayaking. The best way to reach this destination is through a cab (130 km) from Mumbai.

9.Maval, Maharashtra
We all need a break, especially after a long work week, this is another off-beat destination that can offer you a respite in your hectic life. Since, it is not that famous, the cost involved in travelling here is reasonable. Maval is village, just 87 kms away from Mumbai, making it not that far or expensive to travel to. Situated between Sahyadri Range and Takve Lake, this place offers several trekking routes, and if trekking is not your thing then you can explore activities such as rappelling, river-crossing and kayaking.

10.Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu
We wouldn’t be surprised it many people have not ever heard of this place before. Well this makes it an offbeat destination! Since not a lot of people visit these hills, it makes for the perfect getaway to restore your peace of mind. This place has to lot of offer, from spice gardens to coffee plantations which is accompanied by cool weather and dark hills. This destination is a unique one and one can have amazing experiences her at a very low cost! Some places to visit include; Masila falls, Kolli hills boat house, Arpaleeshwar temple and Agaya gangai waterfalls.



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