We have so many kind of dress but my live for saree will always remains constant. India is known for many things like religion, languages like that dress is also plays a importance role specifically saree.

The major dress code of the Indian women is saree. Saree is common in I did but they way of draping that differs from place to place.

In Gujarati they will bring the saree around the person and bring to the front again and they will pin in the right shoulder. Most of the people in North part of India will be wearing in this type. They will also cover their head with tha saree that shows the respect to the elders, mostly the married women will be doing this.

In South they will be draping saree in different way. In South silk saree is more famous. The most famous saree in the south region is kanjeevaram. There will get all kind of saree.

So many Western dress may come but for me saree is not only a costume but it is a feel..