"If you love what you do, it is the best way to relax.."
Now-a-days people don't do things what they like, they just study but they are not getting jobs related to their studies. Someone will insist you to do something, or your parents will force you to study some course which you are not interested in but I could say don't be things that you you are not interested in. Because if you are in a field you are not interested in will never bring you success, untill or unless if you are interested in it.

At the same time of you do what you like will bring you success and you can expose you talents and you will be creative in that. Enjoying what you are doing is more important than earning high salary or whatever. If you do a job what you like the most, will give you fulfilment. If you don't like what you do will end up missing out something in your life.Doing things which you live will give you more motivation, that will give you more energy to do better.

If you do what you like will make you a better person and you will become a inspiration for others. And if you live what you do will never make you feel sad or depressed. Obviously you will face many obstacles in your life but that would not be a big deal for you, because it will not be a burden for you but you live to overcome the challenges. You will get satisfaction and that will be motivating you. One life live it to the fullest and do what you like.