Check Out Your Personality..

Jan 29, 2019   •  2 views

" The way a woman dresses telegraph's many message about her"- April Masini
Well everyone concentrate on their dress, how they should present themselves but very few will give importance their foot wear. Actually foot wear will decide the personality of the person. If someone dressed very well from the top but if they lack to match the foot wear for their outfit then it will create a bad impression. Here is some of the type of foot wear which will tell about your personality.


This will say that you are both sexyfashionalbe and at the same time you are down to earth person. And you are practical, self assured and straight forward person. You are aperson who knows to carry yourself better. The interesting part is you draw people to your company.


If you like to wear flats them you are friendly, homely, understanding and extrovert person . You are a person like to open up things. You are humble and you don't wants anyone's attention.


You are a creative person with versatile style. You are independent person and you love doing things of your own. If someone assist you a work you make sure that it is done in highest standard. You are true friend and true employee.


You are a person you gives more importance to your look and attention seeking. You are incredibly busy confident about your appearance. And you like to show off. You are a person with high determination. You are person who loves and values beauty.

These footwear will tell you the personality. But normally if you wear anything give importance to your footwear. If it decide our personality then we have to concentrate on that more.