Expectations Vs Reality: What Your First Day Of College Would Actually Be Like

Ananya Ray
Apr 10, 2019   •  17 views

Image source: collegeincolorado.org

Take a nice, deep breath. Put on that outfit you had picked out so meticulously the night before. Brush your hair. Pack your new notebooks and stationery. Get ready for the roller-coaster ride that would last a few good years. You have memories to make.

Having only spent about a year in college, the memory of my first day on campus is still fresh in my mind. I remember having wasted hours over my hair, braiding and teasing my wild mane. I had packed my books and pens and had bought a whole new wardrobe for college. Usually a sleepy head, I had woken up at six on that day, lest I get late. After checking my somewhat presentable reflection in the mirror for the nth time, I had left the house an hour in advance for my orientation classes.

Studying in one of Kolkata's premiere institutions has its perks as well as problems. From the very first day, we were told to take our classes very, very seriously (which would become very, very difficult, owing to the numerous fests and freshers' welcome events that would be held in the first few months.) The campus was huge; we would, therefore, travel in groups so as to not get lost. The classes were wonderfully engaging and interesting, a far cry from the boring Physics and Chemistry classes in school.

On the first day, we had an orientation where we met our Professors. Some seniors joined us, afterwards, and asked us to introduce ourselves. We had a very fun interactive session and to my utter surprise, neither the seniors, nor the Professors were intimidating or scary.

The first day was spent interacting with new people and trying out dishes from the canteens on campus. I was delighted with the well-stocked library and spent hours on end, browsing through the shelves. My classmates and I shared common interests and we clicked very well, sharing names and phone numbers by the end of the day. I realised this would be a new chapter in my life and was glad to face it with such amazing people.

No one in college seemed to be perturbed about each other's clothes and hairstyles. They would compliment you on a nice outfit but never judge anybody's dressing sense. Everybody seemed very casual, laidback and genuine. Students would huddle together in large groups and discuss politics, books and philosophy. The campus, being a liberal and wholesome place, always encouraged originality and dialogue. It was a holistic and enriching experience.

The first day of college mark’s the beginning of another lifetime. You will make new friends, find new hobbies and try new things. College is where your self-discovery begins. So, sit back, let your hair down and relax. Enjoy and explore yourself. Talk to new people. But, always, always be the unique person that you are.

It is bound to be awesome!