Nothing is as amazing as like traveling, it’s an incredible experience to visit your favourite place,

reliving those prestigious moments and indulging yourself in nostalgia. Traveling to different places

is altogether going to a different cosmos. It endows you with an insight of a whole new world. Each
travel experience supplements new entries into the diary of life. Traveling is an activity widely
carried out by people of all demographics. Travelling opens up the vistas of new cuisines, flora and

fauna, meeting different people from all across the globe. Every person is a story, by knowing new
people you get to know different dimensions of life, you get to know that yours ship is not the only

ship sailing in this vast ocean called life.
“Home sweet Home” this is the epiphany that most of us get when we travel, we realize the
significance of home. You get to realize how important your abode is to you. To acknowledge the
comfort of home you need to come out of your comfort zone and discover the world outside.
Travelling should not be restricted to work, or seeing your loved ones but it is about opening whole

new vistas of life, it is an extraordinary experience. The craze of travelling is a passion that drives you

to live your life to the fullest. Travelling is a luxury to many. It is an activity to relax and take a hiatus

from your busy regime. Traveling is a form of rejuvenation for many.
Education and travelling goes hand in hand. Education is not only about theoretical concepts but
really understanding those concepts by heart and what better way can one find to learn than to
learn by experience. One cannot appreciate a piece of art unless and until the piece of admiration
becomes the part of his or her life. Intellectual outlook of student is heightened by travelling,
perhaps this is the reason that most of the schools and educational institutions arrange excursions
for their fellow students.
Now a days the activity of travelling has become easier as there are roadways, airways, waterways
unlike the primitive era when people used to travel by feet. Convenience in travelling is all
accredited to swiftness of the transportation.
Not many have the knack to appreciate the miraculous nature, but those who have it, are lucky.
As a concluding note I would like to say that travel as much as you can because life is all about new