Indian Army

The Indian Army is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring national security and stability by defending against external as well as internal threats. The Indian Army can be regarded as the backbone of the Indian defence system. It encourages discipline and moral uprightness & cultivation of these values make the Indian army a noble profession. They help in the growth of a nation to its fullest. Being in the Army & serving the nation is seen as a matter of pride by all.

The headquarters of the Indian army are situated in New Delhi & operate under Chief Of Army Staff (COAS), who commands, controls & administers the whole nation. The Indian Army is further classified into six operational commands & one training command, each headed by a Lieutenant General.

Apart from a land-based Indian Army, navy & air force also plays a vital role.

Indian Navy

Due to the establishment of maritime forces in the seventeenth century, the foundation of the modern Indian Navy was laid,leading to the establishment of the Royal Indian Navy in 1934. The Headquarters of the Indian Navy is located in New Delhi, headed by the Chief of the naval staff – an Admiral. The three command area of Indian navy headed by a flag officer is-

  • The Western Naval Command headquartered in Bombay on the Arabian Sea

  • The Southern Naval Command in Kochi, Kerala, & also on the Arabian Sea

  • TheEastern Naval Command in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, on the Bay of Bengal.

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force was officially formulated on 8th October 1932. Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee, one of the founding members of the Air Force took over as the first Indian Chief of Air Staff on 1st April 1954. The Indian Air Force had undergone massive transitions whether in terms of upgradation of aircraft and equipment or phenomenal changes like induction of women into the Air Force. The Air Force undertook many perilous projects which are of utter significance.

Significance & Role:

The mother of an Army officer never knows when she'll meet her son or if that day will ever come. Their lives are not a bed of roses, rather they have to struggle through their life. Their family needs to be cold-hearted & strong. The recent song ' Teri Mitti ' of film ' Kesari ' accurately highlights the plight of an Army officer. Their sole motive is to serve the nation & can even die for their homeland. It's the responsibility of all citizens to respect them because they truly deserve a SALUTE.

SALUTE to all the soldiers who fight against all the threats & act as a shield for us.

Words by an Army officer:

" I'll serve my nation even if God calls me, I'll fight with him for my homeland. Take care of my family & never let them cry.

'Jai Hind, Jai Bharat'

' Vande Mataram' "


Due to the increasing risks from Pakistan & China, the weakly bound army is the last thing we aspire for. Weakness within the army withers them. Our history is a testimony to how internal grievances left us unshielded against the colonial power. Weak army adds to vulnerabilities & is a threat to national safety. The expenditure on defence in the budget should be increased. Thus, a strong military force is required to strengthen our society.