Lifestyle Hacks To Stay Fit For Professionals

Akshita Srivastava
Jul 28, 2019   •  62 views

We live in this highly calculative world where investing in materialistic things has become a hobby. But we often forget to invest in God gifted things like our health. Talking about health, it is one of the most underestimated parts of our lives because we don’t work on good health but we make efforts on bad health.

Living in this digital age, keeping a count on health can be a task. But I have you soughed, here are some lifestyles hacks that will help professionals in staying fit:

1.Fitness apps: We all love our smartphones but using them as a productivity machine is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some apps that will help you achieve fitness in the digital age are:

a.Healthify me: The free version of this app deals with your calorie intake. Initially, asking about your height and weight according to your age it gives you the amount of total calorie one should eat per day. It is well known for providing healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

b.Google fit: This app enables you to walk more. Showcasing heart points which means how fast did your heartbeat and when and move minutes i.e when and where did you walk. This app also tracks your progress in terms of weight loss.

2.The 80% rule: one of the common mistakes that everyone performs is overeating. Being a professional who has a hectic lifestyle, eating correctly will make you fit. Only eat till your stomach is 80% filled up. Listen to your body it knows how much to eat. Do make sure that you don’t eat full plate but in small portions. This will increase your metabolism

3.Don’t drink water: I know this might sound like ‘what?? Really!!’ but let me state the condition, don’t drink water immediately after you’re done eating. As the food swallow gets mixed with acid in your stomach for digestion, water being a base acts as a neutralizer and eventually slows down the process.

4.Workout: Take out 15 minutes every day be it morning or evening and just exercise. There are tons of videos available on YouTube where you can find your ideal exercise and perform them every day.

5.Make a routine: Maybe you’re a morning person waking up at 7 am, try to wake up at 6:30 am and devotee that time in working out or yoga or jogging or whatever suits you. It’s not mandatory to have a gym membership or puma jogger pants or Nike shoes to start working out. Creating a well-ventilated space that has ample sunlight in your apartment will encourage you to start working out at home with simple exercises.

Maybe you’re a night owl sleeping at 2 am, after coming from office with all your might get up from the bed and perform some power yoga( tones of videos available on YouTube).

Big breakfast before 8 am, a medium-size lunch before 2 pm and a tiny amount of dinner before 8 pm is your best friend.

6.Choose food wisely:Some healthy alternatives for unhealthy foods are

a.coke = lemonade (without sugar) or coconut water

b.Maggie = chapatti with veggies

c.Lays = cucumber and tomatoes

d.Kachori/ samosa= aloo paratha (limited quantity)

e.Pizza/Burger = Stuffed paratha

f.Keto diet = home-cooked food. (trust me it works)

g.Pain = Gain (Always Remember)

7.Cheat days: It’s not about bombarding yourself with healthy food day in and day out because no matter how healthy it is, it will feel boring at some point in time. And a solution to this is having cheat days. As the name suggests you’ll have this one day of your choice wherein you can eat a mixture of unhealthy and healthy food just to quest your thirst.

8.Believe in yourself:Have faith in yourself. Don’t get disheartened if you’re not seeing results. Good things take time. Give time. Stand in front of the mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself. I can bet you’ll see results in the way you think and perceive things.

Try these hacks for a healthy lifestyle not only physically but also mentally and emotionally because when you feel good inside you’ll feel good outside as well.