Life is getting faster and so are our lifestyles. Taking that 9-5 job, setting in front of the screen consuming that harmful UV and blue rays, eating polluted food, engaging in toxic beverages, not taking enough sleep but taking ample stress, smoking, etc has tremendously changed our lives not only physically but also mentally and sentimentally.

This is hard to understand but days, weeks, months and years flowing from our hands like sand are not making us worthy but manufacturing machines. They say to choose health over wealth but are we doing so? Absolutely no.

Here I am sending a bunch of tips and hacks one must invest in to detoxify your life:

1.Morning pages: engage yourself in journaling. In this digital age using pen and paper as your ornaments instead of smartphones and desktops has its charm. Whenever you’re stressed or confused yield a few minutes and just flow your pen on the paper. Don’t think anything, just write your mind down. Let your thoughts flow free. Doing this for a longer period will help you gain practicality, know yourself more not only in terms of pessimism but also optimism, help your mindset change and elaborate.

2.Meditation: investing 15-20 minutes every day on meditation can change your life completely. Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place with your backbone straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Let your thoughts flow there will be a saturation point where you will meet black screen, where no thoughts will invent and that’s a peace of mind. If focusing on your breathing is not your cup of tea then try chanting mantra-like ‘om’.

3.Go offline: living in this techno savvy world, take a day out and cut from all your social Media, work stress, televisions, etc. Go on a day trip, read a book, declutter your home, give yourself a makeover, pamper yourself.

4.Oil-pulling: This is all about detoxifying your body. Pour cooking oil in your mouth and wriggle it until 10 minutes. I know doesn’t sound good but the results will. It will ensure that no food is stuck in your esophagus or intestine and all undigested and digested food is dispersed out. This can treat several diseases like obesity, thyroid, etc

5.Declutter your space: sit down and analyze the amount of waste accumulated around you. Be it in your side drawers, closet, kitchen, on your bed, in bathrooms, desktops, smartphones and probably every place you can see around. Start questioning ‘does it spark joy to you?’, if no then say thanks for serving me for so long and dumb it and if yes keep it respectfully. Start with your closet or kitchen moving on to books and paper and ending it with sentimental stuff like photographs.

6.Invest in chemical-free products: Choose wisely, take your own time in analyzing the ingredients of the products you wish to purchase. See if they are parabens and sulfate-free. If not try and find alternatives.

7.Spend time with your loved ones: instead of wasting on watching web series or chatting on social media try to spend time with your loved ones. They will give you advice and suggestions and stop you from repeating the mistakes they made once. Listening and laughing on your childhood stories has its essence which no social media can provide.

8.Plan your life: planning and plotting will help you lead a more organized and productive life. Invest in a planner be it daily, weekly or monthly. Have your tasks planned with time blocking and keep your sweet time away.

9. Choose health over wealth: invest in organic eatery products. Don’t eat polished and polluted food. Check ingredients. Instead of going out for brunch now and then, cook at home.

Follow these steps now and thank me later. Those who commit to a better lifestyle will commit to change.