Something which happened to you at some point of time in the past in your life and you remember is a memory. Nobody can remember what all has happened in his or her life. Some people posses extremely strong memory and can remember almost every incident that has occurred in his or her life. Such a type of memory is referred to as identic, eidetic or photographic memory. Such type of people tend to remember almost everything which has happened to them in the life until then. There are some people who do not remember what all has happened to them as they easily forget their past. Such type of memory is termed as a weak memory. Both the positive and the negative happenings of the past are remembered by most of the people.

Often when you come in contact with a person, or a situation from the past you are reminded of something in the past as you are instantly triggered in the memory and you remember that particular incident. Memories are a very powerful tool which makes you the mistakes which you have committed in the past and you learn to not repeat that same mistake. Memories act as reminder of those people who have loved you in the past or the people whom you love. It is a pleasant experience to think of the positive memories from the past. In order to remember the occasions from the past people to look at old photos and videos which everyone cherishes and enjoys.

People tend to suffer from trauma because of the bad memories which usually haunt them. They need to look towards the brighter future rather than remembering the bad memories. Some people also need counseling and help in order to overcome from the dark past. The work experience which we carry forward for our future endevours our nothing but our memories of how the work needs to be done.

Memories are a very important and crucial part of life as it helps in the future course of our lives. Memories both positive and negative are the part of our lives which helps us in determining that how are we today in the present. One should not dwell or lean on to the negative memories of our lives instead we should learn from them and we should always cherish and enjoy the positive memories from our past.



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