Four Daily Activities That One Should Do To Keep Oneself Motivated
Before knowing how to stay motivated one should choose a goal. We all have goals or objectives in our lives and we live for that objective. You may come across with people that do not support you in your goals. It is highly disappointing that people that are close to you such as family members friends or teachers are sometimes not supportive but to achieve something in life or to stay motivated you need to do the following activities daily:

1. Think Positive: our mind starts creating negative thoughts on its own for whatever we plan to achieve. You have to convert every negative thought into positive one.

There may be people around you that are ready to share their own experiences when they had similar objective and they could not achieve it. Just stay away from such people. Hence staying positive every day, every hour, every minute, and every second is important.

2. Be Disciplined: discipline is something without which you cannot achieve anything in life. You should follow a set of routine/ time-table everyday to achieve your goals. It is rightly said that “practice makes a man perfect”, hence practice with discipline and sincerity. Stay disciplined, it will help you take small steps towards your bigger objective.

3. Stay Focused: distractions are very common in the world of technology, where you are connected with your friends and relatives 24X7. It is difficult to stay focused but with determination and will power one can concentrate and stay focused. Say ‘no’ whenever you need to, to be focused.

4. Reward Yourself: rewards are given to motivate people to do even better, to work even harder, to achieve even the most difficult aim. Therefore, keep rewarding yourself whenever you achieve yet a small step in the direction of your higher goal. Small rewards can be motivating like treating yourself with a chocolate, using mobile phone for an hour or going out for a party with a friend.



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