Opt For Effective Spotify Music Submission Services To Get Viral Online

Aimee Brooks
Jul 03, 2020   •  2 views

Artists as well as various labels who are interested in making their music viral have been provided an all-new way by Spotify. A brand new solution has been offered by Spotify whereby aspiring musicians can submit their music pieces and can do it by getting in direct contact with the editorial team of the trending platform for considerations of their respective playlists.

By this process, an easy path is provided to emerging and talented musicians’ wherein their tracks are showcased and featured in the playlist. It is a great opportunity for those who are not sure how to project and highlight their talent. With this initiative for Spotify Music Submission, the floodgates have opened for the musicians. The artist can now take on the world by nurturing their career through submitting their music to the editors.

Playlist submission has opened up for all. Every spot can be grabbed by the artist who has not signed yet and can take a direct route to the official playlist of the platform.


  • The first step is to log in as an artist. The unreleased music can be found on the ‘Music’ section that will appear below the icon ‘Upcoming’ in your dashboard.

  • The unreleased track is then chosen for submission corresponding to that particular section.

  • In the case of an EP or an album, a single track has to be chosen for submission.

  • The submission form of the playlist has to be completed. This will provide the majority of information about the particular track.


  • For submission to playlists, the unreleased tracks can only be considered. The music has to be distributed and for playlisting, one has to pitch them correctly between delivery time and date of release.

  • At a time only one track is eligible for submission. After the release of that particular track, the other unreleased songs can be chosen for submission.

  • The submission must take place seven days before the release date. If it is more than seven days it is even better as time is there for preparation.

  • The form for submission is not mobile responsive and only a desktop computer can be used.

  • For the maiden release, this submission process cannot be used.

There is a rising competition with over 75,000 artists are featured on the official Spotify playlist every week. The aspiring artist gets a major boost through the all-new playlist submission of Spotify.