• It’s not an exaggeration if i say everybody is a successful one in one way or the other. So far you’ve given birth to, you’re a successful being because there are some that don’t even get to that stage at all, miscarriage occurred, therefore everybody is a successful one so far you've given birth to. “Dictionary says the meaning of success is; Act of succeeding, succession; that which comes after; hence consequence, the issue often, or the result of an endeavor or undertaking, whether good or bad; the outcome of effort”. So if i say everyone is a successful being, so far you’ve given birth to, it is not an overstatement. I hope you all get that right.

Every human being regardless of her geographical location in the universe is endowed with thinking ability. Some beings make use of their thinking gift rightly while some don’t, which is actually normal. Everyone can never be the same. Human beings are just like a rotational motion around a fixed axis. We were just created from the same source, but can’t be the same.
The majority believed that the definition of success is; the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.
Since the majority of beings concluded on the above definitions of success, should we now say a thief that set some certain goals and achieved them is also a successful being?. Should we say a kidnapper that acquired all his wealth through his evil acts is also a successful being?. Should we say, a leader that is only concerned with his own personal interest, that allows all forms of corruption, and bribery during his tenure in order to acquire wealth, whose her interest of being a leader is to gain power, to be a prosperous person in the society, that doesn’t even care about the citizens of the country is a successful one?. No, i will never accept that definition. There is no specific definition of success, since our thinking ability differs, view things from different perspectives, have different experiences and orientation about life.

  • Let me give an illustration here. There is one popular musician called “Drake” and we all know the founder of Microsoft “Bill-gates”. Well, Drake is popular musician, well known globally, he had set some certain goals and achieved some if not all, has a social status that describes him as a prosperous, likewise Bill-gates, which goes in line with the definition of success above. But the questions is this; why is it that Bill-gates is more recognized throughout the world than Drake? at least, both are successful. Why is it that the respect showing by people to Bill-gates can never be compared with the respect showing to Drake?. Why is it that people tend to seek advice, acquire knowledge about life generally from Bill-gates? and not Drake? since they are both successful. Both should have fallen into the same category. But what’s this thing that makes the difference between the two successful ones? is the word “outstanding”.The illustration is given really shows the real meaning of success is not the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

The true meaning of success is to ”impact lives“. The definition of success means that you add value to something by adding value to someone. We deposit into people by adding value to them. When we invest in people’s lives, they feel the desire, and sometimes even the drive, to reciprocate and give back. They want to do something for us, most often something of equal or greater value and this is what makes Bill Gates “an outstanding successful being”.
If people can be” an outstanding successful being “,the world would have been far better than this. It doesn’t require wealth, material things, in order to contribute to people’s lives. Somebody once said ” Too often, we tie generosity to the giving of money and material things, but there is so much more to it when we take a closer look. Money and material things are easy to give while our time, our value, and our influence all require much more work to share “. The greatest influencers in the world are parents, but it is so unfortunate that some parents of nowadays don’t even have time to monitor, guide, counsel, educate their children in the major aspects of life anymore, which is really making negative effects on the society. But, this shouldn’t stop you, discouraged you from making your own positive impacts on people’s lives. Do not say is none of business, do not say it doesn’t concern you, because it either directly or indirectly making negative impacts on you also. And also remember about the next generations, remember your genes will be there and then you will be nowhere to be found. So your own impacts now determine the next generations. Every person has a longing to be significant; to make a contribution; to be part of something noble and purposeful–( JOHN C. MAXWELL). Do not wait for leaders, you can do it, person, to person. You get better results by making better people, impacting the lives of others in ways that add value makes other people better and that makes for better homes, better communities, better organizations, and a better world.

I hope you’ all will be “An Outstanding Successful Being”. I believe together, we can change the world, together, we can make the world a better home. Teamwork==Dreamwork. Together dreams come through, vision gets accomplished.