5 Beginner Book Recommendations

Aditi Ayare
May 28, 2019   •  22 views

Hello everyone!Have you ever tried to develop the habit of reading and ultimately failed?
YOU'RE NOT ALONE! With so many books available in the market it has become difficult to pick a good one. I would higly suggest you to start with a book which is easy on language and is based on your intrests as this will create a bond between and you and the book and you won't get bored easily. I have tried my best to cover most of the genres so there is something for everyone. I hope these books are good enough to get you hooked to reading.

1) The Diary of a Young girl by Anne Frank

One of the classics and also made it in my favourites list. You could sense a 13 year old writing the most random things of her life to how Nazism had made the Jewish life so misersble. This book is a rushof emotions and leaves a powerful impact.The context and language is easy to understand also anyone who wants to start with writing can read this as the format could give you some tips and improve your skills.

2) The Great Gatsby

This another peice of classics and all those of you who love reading love stories, this is a huge peice of cake for you. The undying love of Jay Gatsby and the way he potrays his love for Daisy is remarkable. There's a movie on this book too starring Leonardo DiCaprio but I would suggest you to read the book as the intensity will make you fall more for it. This has been one of the bestworks of the author.

3) Norwegian Woods: By Haruki Murakami

I am sure most of you must have heard about this book and also the amazing works of this Japanese author. The writing and his ways to depict a plot are so beautifully done,you would feel that you're watching the entire scenes happening from a distance. The level of engrossment his books can give is what made him one of the best selling authors. Coming to this specific book, this is a depressing read of a boy who falls in love with two girls with two different personality. If you're not in the best phase of your life I do suggest to postpone this read. But you can surely try his other books to enjoy his work.

4) Asura: The story of Ravana and his people

Remember how are grandparents use to tell us about Lord Ram and the Ramayana? well but nobody told us the other side of the story and maybe this book can tell you. Most of us have an evil image of Ravana and we never tried to see the entire scenario through his point of view. If you're intrested in Indian history and want to look at it in an unbiased way I do recommend you to read this book cause we have heard enough of the Ramayana and Ravana cannot not be that bad.

5) The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

If you ever feel like that the Indian belief system does not make sense I do suggest you to read this book. The author has busted some strong rooted myths also giving a valid explanation to the readers.Even though a fiction this book somehow made everything feel so real and the description is done in the most respectful manner without triggering any religion. If you want to know the reasons behind why is Lord Shiva the LORD through the author's point of view GO FOR THIS BOOK! and if it intrests you,you can read the entire sequence known as SHIVA TRILOGY.


These were my book recommendations which I have enjoyed alot. I would also like to mention that reading and selection of novels is a very subjective topic, so what worked for me maynot work for you so before starting any book you can read the prologue and go ahead with it if it still intrests you. If you have any better suggestions I would love to know them.

Happy Reading :)



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