We generally sit and think that “What life is all about?”Life isn’t about going to school, getting graduated, postgraduated, seeking jobs, getting married and bearing children but it is something that is beyond that. As rightly said by George Bernard Shaw one of the literary writer of 19th century who states that, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” We all know that life begins at time of birth and ends on our last breath. Life is a continuous learning process and it doesn’t have any maximum. So basically life is about creating a meaningful life and the word meaningful do suggests that one should use their life to limitless potentialities rather than being stagnant.

Life isn’t prepared or pre-planned instead life is like a mysterious journey, one never knows what may come and what may pass. It is about finding opportunity andbeing able to utilize them to the maximum and follow the gut instinct. People come and leave and all these have a hidden purpose to our lives, to make us strong, independent and improve ourselves and our own individuality.In this hustle-bustle world and routine we are busy in making our lives better, becoming more materialistic, being busy with our professional lives and we forget to spend a quality time with our family and friends. This is one of the major drawbacks of life that one is too drawn in building the future and neglects the ones who have reared them up. We all in some or the other time reflect that life should have been easier or should be simple. Life is not a bed of roses; one should think process and act accordingly. Life isn’t life until it has little bit of ups and downs, trials and tribulations .It should be adventurous that doesn’t mean to ride a roller coaster or go for skydivingrather the rise and fall defines the journey of an individual. It would be both alarming and stimulating.

Life is all about staying true to yourself and be confident. One should not think to try to please others and not being alien enough in order to be socially accepted. We all try to imitate the western culture or being someone who we are not but while doing so we try to become someone else and loses our own individuality .You can’t be somebody else suddenly. As long as one thinks about others one would never be able to find answers to the real questions of life. One must stay true to themselves and accept your uniquenessand people should relate to you for who you are.

Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, that is doing nothing.– ABRAHAM LINCOLN

One must take chances and gamble in order to learn, improve and execute. One must gamble to the fact even if they don’t know something they learn and give enough knowledge to themselves about something that they will be able to compete. One must be audacious enough.As I said above life is a learning process doesn’t mean it should be perfect instead one must make mistakes. One must fail and rise like a phoenix. One will fail it’s just how it is, no one can stop it and always remember that one will not enjoy success until they have tasted failure. It’s what one does after that would define where you go. The only way to push failure aside is to move ahead not ignore but instead analyze it and learn from it. One must take risks, calculated and educated risks to evolve. If one has not explored fully their possibilities ,one would always remain stagnant. Life isn’t about walking like everyone else but instead swimming upstream like a trout and whatever little you achieve is all yours and nobody’s else.

Life is all about being kind, humble and compassionate to others. One must imbibe the good qualities from others and make it your own but who you are should never be dictated by someone else. One must also be willing to make sacrifices. Life doesn’t end it just keep on moving like a flowing water. Once its gone so it is, one cannot really pinch it back .Therefore , one must take meaningful yet educated decisions in life. One must be creative with life. It’s ok to have a whole cake rather than a piece of pastry. Life is all about happiness, sorrow and fun.One must introspect where we are heading towards. It is also not a matter of milestones but the matter of moments.

Life is too short therefore must do all that one can do within this short period. One must live to the fullest without having regrets while waking up in the morning. One must appreciate others, say “Sorry” and “Thank you” in their life if one has done any mistakes or when someone appreciates you for what you have done. This would not belittle one. These qualities would help to establish a beautiful relation with others . Life isn’t just about making money and the years you spent in it but it’s all about the life in your years. It’s not about the span of life but it’s all about the profundity.

Life should be productive rather being unproductive . In the voyage of life we go through joy and agony, there would be daylight and downpour , there would be misfortune and however we should figure out how to push ahead over and over. It is not death we should be afraid of but should be afraid of never beginning to live. When we die our lifeline would be stagnant in single line but when we live or we are alive our lifeline moves up and down. Life resembles an exciting ride, begins gradually, tops you off with expectation and interest, takes you up and sends you flying down just to ascend rapidly once more.

Life is the most beautiful gift. Cherish it !
Life is like chocolate both sweet and bitter and all lies upon the eyes of the beholder!



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