When things doesn’t work according to what we want and desire we mustn’t put our self in a shell instead needs to understand it how the way it is. It is how the things will be and sometime it will be the same, we don’t have control over it neither we can. At times we plan and proceed and it is not necessary that it will or it has to work out. Even life has moments in which things doesn’t work. Sometimes we see that the road we have chosen to trudge seems an uphill. Again life isn’t bed of roses it’s full of thorns as well. We as individuals have to face challenges and hardships in life. Never ending challenges makes us believe that it is a giant uphill and is tiresome. There would be broke moments or the moments of weak financial stability and even might be in debt and would be completely unhappy with our life and we might have to pay off our debt but we are in no position to regain our health. We want to be happy and smile yet we have to sigh and go through all the tiredness, lack of joy and disillusionment. When all the anxiety, worries are pressing us down and the negative feeling are arising out of the unfulfilled desires and needs and it is in that very moment that we can take rest for a while butshould never quit.

Life is a baggage of twists and turns with full of unexpectations and expectations. The expectations are easier to handle where as the unexpectations are trickier. We still have to embrace this queerness of life and learn to do it. And many of us might turn our faces back by seeing all of this and quit because we have failed. But, it is when we should not quit as the win might be near so don’t give up even if you fail. May be beyond all the unexpectations and hardships there might lay happiness and your dreams. You might never know when you have quitted; it might be the moment before you were just about to win.

It is definite that on this journey that people would get ahead of you and overtake you but you need to trust the pace. Although it might seem slow but you will reach your destination. Try to give yourself another chance and you may never know you might succeed in another try. But if you quit how will you know whether you will succeed or not? It is then you must not quit When we are so tired of this struggle we think our aspired goal is far away and it seems to faint and fade it is when the person have given up he might have captured his biggest victory and realizes too late of his chance to attain victory. When the night has slipped it is then one realizes that how near he was to the golden crown. So keep on sticking to the fight when you are at your hardest point and it is that very moment you should not quit.

“Always believe like a duck-keep calm and unruffled on the surface and paddle with great vigour underneath.”-Jacob Braude



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