Oneplus 7 Pro After 1 Month - Continues To Amaze Everyday!

Abhishek Malhotra
Jul 15, 2019   •  53 views

Approximately a month ago, OnePlus launched their 7 series devices. The OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. Just to clarify, I am a big OnePlus fan. I have owned 3 of their devices before I bought the OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus has the best software in terms of simplicity and functionality. They call it OxygenOS. It is one of the most appealing aspect of the device.

The device certainly delivers on to its promises. I have been using for more than a month now and I am impressed. The smoothness of the device, the dual speakers, the software, display, etc has been perfect for me. After a month, here is what I feel about the most premium flagship by OnePlus.

The Display!

We start with the best part of this phone, the display. The OnePlus 7 Pro boasts a 6.65-inch Optic AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Yes, you heard it right. OnePlus phones already are so smooth, that no other phone can compete with the smoothness OnePlus provides with their handsets. Now, coupling OxygenOS with a 90Hz display, can show results you can't even imagine. The phone is buttery smooth in day-to-day operations.

The display has curved edges which makes it easier to reach all the corners of the device as its a big one. It produces vibrant colours and is easily visible in sunlight with maximum brightness. As I said earlier, 90Hz display will spoil you so badly that after you start using it, other phones will feel laggy when you use them.

The Cameras!

Even before the launch of the device, OnePlus revealed that its latest flagship has been given a score of 111 by DxOMark. DxOMark is a company that provides ratings for the image quality of standalone lenses, cameras, mobile devices. But when the phone launched, famous reviewers like Marques Brownlee confirmed that the camera is not upto the mark as per flagship standards.

OnePlus later confirmed that their devices weren't launched with the same software that was used by DxOMark for testing. The company later issued an update for the device and trust me when I say this, it made a lot of difference in the camera performance.

There are 3 rear cameras of which the main sensor is of 48mp, and the other two are telephoto and wide angle lenses. The rear camera's performance has improved drastically. It has a much better dynamic range, the colors look vibrant, sharpness is on point, contrast is perfectly balanced and the exposure comes out to be great.

Low-light photography still needs a bit of improvement, but the current results aren't bad either. Photos have good noise suppression, the colors come out to be just a bit faded, but aren't too bad. The photos can easily be shared to social media websites without much need of editing.

The other 2 lenses, wideangle and the telephoto one too provide decent performance. Wideangle now has much better colors both at night and day. Telephoto camera also has better performance and both of them produce good colors for best results. Attaching some of the camera samples below I shot myself. 1st is with the main 48mp sensor, and the 2nd one is with the wideanlge lense.

The front camera is a pop-up camera. The speed of popping up and going back down of the camera is fast enough. Selfies come out to be sharp and clear in every lighting condition. To conclude, the cameras now justify the 111 score given by DxOMark and the results are amazing.

The Looks!

OnePlus has pushed its boundaries when it comes to the design of OnePlus 7 Pro. The phone is nearly bezel-less. The display has curved edges as I mentioned earlier. The curved edges surely make the phone look more beautiful and helps in minimizing the bezels, but the only drawbacks of a curved display are the accidental touches, and the glare. While we can't do anything about the glare, OnePlus has made software optimizations to reduce the accidental touches. In my case, I only faced it 1 out of 10 times.

I bought the Nebula Blue variant and it looks amazing. It has a matte finish on the glass which looks neat. But, as every phone with a glass back faces this problem, this device faces it too. The phone is a fingerprint as well as a dust magnet. Though, OnePlus provides a case in the box but if you aren't going to use it, you might have to clean the back of the device occasionally.

The Software!

With my experience of 3 years with 3 generations of OnePlus devices, performance is never an issue even in long periods. The device just gets better in terms of performance and smoothness with every update. It has even got new features with almost every update and some of them are India-specific. Also, I would like to mention that multi-tasking is a breeze on this phone. 8 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of Storage is more than enough for a normal user. OnePlus also provides a variant with 12 gigs of RAM if you are not satisfied with 8.

OnePlus has also put in a Haptic Engine like in those iPhones rather than a standard rotatory vibration motor. This might look like a small change but it affects your day-to-day actions as the phone vibrates with every small action giving you a subtle feel of your interactions with the device. That's the level of optimizations OnePlus has done for their most premium smartphone yet.

Another cool feature I like is the horizon light. What happens is that when a notification comes in, be it from any app, the right and left edges of the curved display light up with a blue light. Trust me it looks pretty cool when you are in the dark.

Coming to the battery, OnePlus 7 Pro has 4000mAh battery and it hasn't let me down. Even under heavy usage, the phone lasted all day. Under light to moderate usage scenarios, the phone definitely lasts all day and there's still some juice left.


To conclude, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a beast of a device. Starting at 48,999 rupees, this device is perfect for all kinds of users. If we compare the OnePlus 7 Pro with other flagships like those of Samsung and Apple, it definitely is a better deal. I would say that this is the best device in the market right now under the 50k segment. It provides you with the best-in-class performance with all the useful features and no gimmicky ones. And I am pretty sure on the basis of my experience that OnePlus will continue to provide the best features while being as useful as they can get.