6 Characters Keanu Reeves Could Play In The M.C.U

Abhijith Dameruppala
Jun 26, 2019   •  13 views

Even with a few years removed from the spotlight, Keanu Reeves has bounced right back thanks to his involvement in the John Wick franchise. With the actor one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood once again, fans are waiting for the Bill & Ted and The Matrix alum to make the inevitable jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At one point, the actor had been courted to play Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel, though passed on the role because of his commitment to John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. Most recently — on the press tour for the John Wick threequel, as a matter of fact — Reeves said one of his favorite characters growing up was Wolverine.


Sure, Ghost Rider is heading to Hulu as a show under the Marvel Television umbrella. But that's not stopping Marvel Studios from bringing back Johnny Blaze, right? Admittedly, it's a long shot that Kevin Feige and company would decide to do Johnny Blaze while a different Ghost Rider is on television because of brand confusion. At least we'll be over here holding out the slightest bit of hope that we'd see Keanu's take on the Spirit of Vengeance.


Moving along to one of Nova's Annihilators buddies, Reeves would also be an ideal motion-capture actor for the Silver Surfer. As we alluded to earlier, Reeves has a certain laid back personality and monotonous tone that'd be perfect for Norrin Radd and the Power Cosmic — think Dr. Manhattan but shiny with a surf board.


But Adam, Keanu is 54! Alright, hear me out. With Xandar ravaged by Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War, it's pretty clear that Nova proper — the Human Rocket known as Richard Rider — will arrive in the MCU before long. And with the home planet of the Nova Corps in such dire condition, it makes sense to properly reintroduce a powered Nova Corps — which means they could introduce both Rider and Sam Alexander in the same film. If that's the case, you could surely get away with making Rider a bit older to serve as a mentor to Sam.


Let's say right away that Adam Warlock isn't likely a one and done character for the MCU and it might be tough getting an actor like Reeves to sign up for multiple movies. If, for whatever reason, Reeves does choose to join Marvel Studios on a multiple-picture deal, Adam Warlock would be a very fitting role, especially when we consider what we already know of The Sovereign and their people. Elizbeth Debicki's take on Ayesha was very monotonous and Reeves could easily fit into the role opposite Ayesha. Better yet, Reeves has enough range that he'd be able to play both Warlock and Magus in the same film.


Here's a role where Reeves could show his incredible range and it's ideal because it's likely going to end up being a one movie role. A character that's long been speculated as the villain for Doctor Strange 2, Nightmare is a spooky supernatural character that rules the Dream Dimension. It'd be something unlike anything Reeves has ever down before, but that's what makes it another intriguing role to have him in. It's not John Wick and it's certainly not Theodore Logan.


Spinning off from Nightmare, Mephisto is another darker character but this time around, Reeves would be able to put his comedic chops back to work. Sure, Mephisto is a demon, but he's also never too serious — almost a more funny Loki. As it stands right now, there really isn't an organic way to introduce the character to the silver screen. With Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) being the one character to deal with otherworldly beings, it's likely Mephisto is still a bit removed from the plans.



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