Future Of Data Scientist In India

Aayush Sharma
Jun 07, 2019   •  33 views

India is at the cusp of technological growth. For the past 20 years, we were providing low services, cheap labors, and low-profit services to enterprises to become a more developed country and expand global capital. if we talk about Today era, almost every major stablished company is setting up their development offices in India and they keep hiring top graduates from good universities. In this companies job of data scientist is very famous

Meanwhile, there's a rise of Indian companies dedicated to building AI or Data Analysis based products or service pipelines. In terms of growth, joining the bandwagon right now would be a good idea. Meanwhile, remind yourself that it's not just about completing a MOOC or getting a certificate. The field is still growing rapidly and you need to stay up-to-date. many big companies like IBM introduce their certificate courses in colleges, which help you to make your CV more attractive. but it is up to you in which stream you want to go whether it will be data science, big data analytics and many other similar fields to work as a data scientist.

Here's a small list of growing companies which are working in the area of AI and Analytics.

1. Simility (my employer)
2. Arya .AI (Intelligence Engine)
3. IPSoft (traditional IT firm moving into building intelligence engine)
4. Gramner (One step ahead in the market of Analytics and Visualization).
5. Uurmi Systems (Now moving into visual recognition, robotics etc).
Apart from them, there are other big software players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc are hiring for AI/Data Science teams in their offices in India. TCS, Infosys etc have dedicated research units which are working in this area.

Just like every other field, your career growth primarily depends on how much you keep learning other than the minimum expected from you. Follow blogs. Follow latest tools. Follow hot researches. Stay up to date.