Essence of love

Whatever is written about the *Essence of love* is less because love itself is a complete summary.

Love has been going on for centuries.

We live love as a ritual, love is our passion and values.

Love is a feeling of untold words, in which words have no value, only feelings are needed.

"Love is a ‘beholder light', It is the emanating quality of the essence that has originated all life. Love itself is an energy or a light which has a specific quality or vibration that is known within the essence of all life, since all life was created by its essence. When correctly expressed it is felt as a behold meant, that is, the one expressing it can contain or behold the light of another within them, however, it will not assume power or authority over the other light, but meet that light by its equal essence – this is what love is and what it does when it is truly expressed."

Hence, the word love needs to be completely re-understood in meaning and re-imprinted in action, so to reflect in full the divine qualities of stillness, harmony, joy and truth it was meant to convey. And, to do so we have to choose to be love as this is the only way we will be able to reclaim the true power and magnitude of this word and in doing so expose what love is not.

If we live the love that we are, we will not be left to live the ‘love’ that we are not.

©Aayushi Dwivedi