Overthinking. We all do it – of course we all do it. It has become our habit that we don’t even realized we do it anymore. Our parents, teachers, elders all teach us how to behave, how to react, how exams are important and so many other things, but no one ever taught us how to think?

Thinking is an art, but only if we used that correctly. Thinking positively can make anyone a happy soul and if a person is happy he/she can do anything. But thinking negatively can destroy a happy person, his life, his relation, his career and his peace of mind.And constantly thinking about any situation which never happened and will never do is called overthinking. When you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated.

Thinking is good but overthinking can be dangerous. Overthinking is like movie where your mind imagine those destructive situation which is impossible in real life. And that’s not enough you keep watching this movie again and again which lately affect your peace of mind and you start worrying about that thing. Sounds terrible!!!But we all do this at least once and some people do this every day. Imagine their state of mind right now. Imagine a healthy person couldn’t do a thing which he was in master until he gets one negative thought in a reply mode.

Why do we overthink?

There are many reasons peopleoverthinkand it varies from person to person. Some peopleoverthinkbecause they have many things in mind and are uable to prioritize. Some peopleoverthinkbecause they are worried of the result of their hard work. Some peopleoverthinkbecause they are unable to accept the truth or their failure. Overthinking can also be the result of lack of confidence, constantly worrying, when you want to be a perfect. And most of the time when you are unable to accept the recent change in your life. When this happened you blame yourself and start overthinking that you shouldn’t have done that or if you have done it differently maybe the situation would be different. But all this thoughts are totally waste of time, peace of mind, your happiness and the happiness of those people who loved you.

How do we stop overthinking?

1.Set short time limit for decisions:-

No need to think a lot and waste your time in making one decision. Assured yourself that if decision goes correct then be happy if goes wrong the think positively because everything happens for a particular reason and have faith in yourself.

2.Become a person of action:-

Do the things which are good for you.Chose the thought which comes immediately in your mind because the more you think the more you get confused.

3.Be responsible not stressful:-

Understand your responsibility but try not to stress about it. Keep yourself calm before doing anything.

4.Realize you cannot control everything:-

Failure, heartbreaks and mistakes are the part of our life we can only try our best but some situations are just not for you. Realize it yourself that you are knocking the wrong door and move on.

5.Spend more of your time with people who do not overthink things.

6.Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, share with your friend or family.