Just as much as our physical health is important, so is our mental health. When we look around we might see people with good physical health, but we can't really say if they are mentally healthy too. Now what does it mean by being mentally healthy?

It is a state when we are able to think, feel and act properly. It includes our psychological, emotional and social well being. It isn't easily conveyed when the person is mentally unhealthy, and sometimes even the person going through it doesn't realise it. A lot of people don't like to share such problems and that's when the problem starts. The very basic thing that can help a person get rid of any sort of mental problem is by talking about it. It needs to be conveyed.

So here are some signs that can help you know if a person is mentally unhealthy:

1. Sleeping either too much or too less

A lot of people go through this problem of not being able to sleep when they are under stress, but there people who sleep too much because of mental stress either to avoid it or to forget about it for a while.

2. Not socializing much

When a person isn't emotionally stable, he/she tries to avoid social contact because of the fear of too many questions. And in such situations the person sometimes acts weird among people, and so he tries to isolate himself from other people.

3. Posting more of sad stuff on social media

Now a days people are more addicted to social media, they tend to post about their lives on it. And when someone isn't in a good mental condition, you'll see more of sad stuff on their feed. They might not talk about their problems directly, but at times of distress, people try to stick with the negative thoughts.

4. Talking rudely or acting weird

A person who is mentally disturbed won't often conversate in a normal way, and would try to avoid questions related to his life. And you would mostly get an unusual reply or sometimes even no reply while conversating with such a person. And sometimes people even talk of illogical stuff when they are under great stress.

5. Not eating properly

When a person is not in a normal mental condition, he doesn't feel like eating much and starts skipping meals. It soon starts affecting the physical health and eventually leads to other problems in the body.

When you see someone not in a good mental condition, do try to talk to them. Help them through such times, because people are really sensitive at such times and sometimes they even feel shy to talk about it. And if you yourself are going through any such problem, do talk to someone or see a psychiatrist.

Take serious action before its too late.



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