The one thing that matters to every human on this planet is success. But success isn't guaranteed to all. It is a natural tendency of all human beings to make mistakes and mistakes often result in failure. And most of us fail to accept our failures in a positive way. We always go into the negative aspect of it and and we start doubting our capabilities. It demotivates us and often we give up on ourselves. We take our failures as a barrier on our way to success and not understanding that failures itself are the stepping stones to success. The key is to try again and again and not to give up. As in the words of Maya Angelou "You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated." We must not let failure take away our courage.

Some habits that can help us overcome our failures are:

1. Don't try to run away from it

First of all you need to accept and acknowledge it. When you yourself are shy about it and try to run away from the fact that you've made a mistake you cannot expect others to not make you feel bad about it. When you will talk about it with confidence and not let it drown you again, it doesn't matter what others have to say. Someday your success will speak for you.

2. Don't give up on yourself

Never let your failure take away your determination from you. Keep trying and one day you will get what you deserve. You'll find people who will try to demotivate you and sometimes you yourself might be the one doing it but you must never forget that with failure comes success.

3. Stay calm and understand the situation

Once you've experienced failure, don't let mess up your mind. Try to understand things positively. Don't let it affect you mentally. Because now you have a bigger task ahead of you. Trying again takes courage and if you're disturbed mentally you won't be able to find that courage within you. Trust yourself and don't let anything affect the peace of your mind.

4. Analyse where you went wrong

Rather than running away from the reality that you've failed you must learn to face it. Look at your mistakes, learn from them. And the next time you try again make sure you don't repeat them. Improve yourself, that's what life is about, being better than you were the day before.

5. Maybe it wasn't meant for you

One must never forget that God is the best of planners. We might plan things according to our way but eventually things happen by the will of God. For every person on this planet the definition of success is different, maybe what we thought of as our success wasn't really good for us and there is something much better than that waiting for us. Trust God in all situations.