How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

Yusra Lodi
Aug 19, 2019   •  132 views

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Intentionally or unintentionally we are communicating each second of the day.

Being able to communicate efficaciously is one of the most important skills needed in recent times.

With the rapid increment in the number of devices and platforms available for communication, it has become nearly impossible to avoid it. Thus, having good communication skills has become the need of the hour.

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What is communication?

Communication is the transmission of information from the sender to the receiver. It can be done vocally, in writing: printed or through digital media, visually or even non-verbally. All of these forms of communication are essential soft-skills for a better quality of life.

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The Importance Of Good Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is an asset in all spheres of life- from professional life to personal life. The quality of being able to deliver all information correctly and accurately is an important skill that should not be overlooked. Good communication skills permit you to understand and be understood. From a professional point of view, good communication skills help you to efficiently engage your clients in a deal or your boss during meetings.

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Your personal relationships require constant communication in order to avoid misunderstandings. Failure to communicate well has been blamed for the breakdown of many relationships.

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How To Improve Communication Skills?

A recent survey shows that out of 303 employers only 100 were satisfied with their employee's communication skills. The survey makes 'the need for good communication skills' evident.

Even after being excessively important the youth today lacks good communication skills miserably but it's never too late to start, by starting to work on your communication skills now you can soon get really good. Good communication skills will also help you to improve the quality of your life.


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Here are tips for you to get better at communicating with others:

1) Listen: Communication is a two-way process. It also includes listening intently to what the other person has to say. Only after understanding other person's point of view you can make him understand yours.

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2) Be concise:Don't beat about the bush. Unnecessary jabbering confuses the other person about what message you want to convey. Be precise in putting up your points.

3) Body language: Body language matters a lot while having a conversation. Eye contact and hand gestures convey a lot about how focused and confident you are. A friendly tone makes you approachable by others. Make sure your body language resonates with what you say.

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4) Respect what others say: Respecting what others have to say makes you a good communicator. It's as easy as patiently listening to the other person until they are done with their points. This will lead to a productive conversation.

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5) Using the correct medium: One of the most important traits of a good communicator is knowing which medium to opt for a particular kind of conversation. Communicating in person about important topics is more appreciable than through social media.

6) Practice: Communication is a long term project. Developing new skills takes time. So, constantly following the above tips will ultimately lead you to become a good communicator.

In a 2016 LinkedIn survey, communication topped the list of most sought after soft skills.

Effective communication is also a skill like all others. It can be learned, given time. The time and effort you put into this will pay you apace.

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills, so that when important occasions arise you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people. - Jim Rohn

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