The main concern in today’s youth is employment, everyone wants a job but none is capable of it , even though if he is, then the situation is to be blamed.

So here, we are going to discuss about some job opportunities, I mean a job with a minimum effort.

You are skilled but not getting jobs then you are on the right page dude !!

You have completed your graduation, thinking of doing post graduation abroad, then you are looking the right page !!

You are not employed and that’s not completely your fault, cause we all know not every individual who born is a Einstein.

Did you ever wish of working abroad, taking a break your work, having a good cappuccino, it really kind of feels good right ?

If it’s definitely yes, then you should continue reading this article or else also you can read this there might be someone who needs this information to fulfil his cappuccino dreams!!

The only problem we have in our country is more population, less employment opportunities so more competition for one normal job.

You need to focus only one thing for this, take your mobiles out from your pocket, google -foreign language coaching centres. Yeah! You have heard correct, there are many countries with lot of employment opportunities out there for the people who really have stuff for, those countries have more ideas but less man power for example let’s consider countries like French, Germany , Sweden and some other Europian countries. They have wide job opportunities waiting for you.

The only thing you need to do is , join in a good foreign language istitute, which is recognised and certified or issued by the government.

Generally you can learn the language starting from 3 months to 1 year depends on your learning ability and institute you have joined.

Don’t worry dude it even costs nominal starting from 15K for two levels. Basically a language consists of six levels -A1,A2 B1,B2 C1,C2 , nothing to worry three levels are more than enough the rest are for literature and stuff.

There are lot of opportunities waiting for you there! If you are going to study there and worried about your expenses there? Here’s a solution for that , part time is good option for you, you can earn your monthly expenses and can save a little in in too, some universities even provide good scholarships to international students. Worried about visa and stuff, those countries prefer you definitely cause you know their language and provide you student visa or work visa without any objection.

Worried about working their for long or home sick issues, don’t worry you can return your home land and can get a good one placement because you have some experience in abroad.

Leave this all aside just think are you going to loose anything because of learning a new language, I think definitely no but you gotta spend some money on that, seriously dude don’t worry that money is not going anywhere, you can start teaching the language you have learnt and start filling your pocket. So just start learning a new language and add a skill in your resume and impress your CV readers!!

So don’t worry about the life, learn some language and drink your dream cappuccino.




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Sar sarley
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Awesome information dude!... You motivated me dude.