6 Indirect Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ And Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

Are you the girl who is shy from the outside but high on love from the inside? Do words just disappear from your mouth when it’s time to show some affection? But you mustn’t lose hope because there are millions of other ways to confess your love to your boyfriend.

So here’s a list of 10 indirect ways to say I love you and make your boyfriend feel special. Do give it a read but with love….

  1. Cook some mouth-watering delicacies

It’s said that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. So ladies, make his tummy happy and you are golden! Prepare his favorite dishes when he comes home, serve it hot, eat together and spark on the romance. And yes, don’t forget to add the ingredient of love.

2.Watch sun-set together

The best way to rekindle the love is to connect with nature with already exudes love and romance in everything. Holding hands as the sun sets and promising to be together through light and darkness can spark a love which can even make Romeo and Juliet jealous. Won’t you like that?

3.Develop common hobbies

Try entering his part of the world. Make a space for yourself in his world and only then you can actually be his world. Guys love to find their perfect match when it comes to sports, video games, photography or anything else. You may not excel but at least you can give him company. He’ll surely acknowledge your effort.

4.Compliment him in front of others

Speak well of your boyfriend. Appreciate him in front of others. Look into his eyes and say how easy he makes things and how wonderful life has been after his arrival. All these will attract him towards you much more than before and make him believe that you actually love him. Won’t you enjoy some compliments from him? Well, same goes for him!

5.Gift him a dog

If circumstances allow, there is no better gift than a sweet, little, fluffy dog. He’ll absolutely love it. And plus the dog will always remind him of you. Isn’t that great? The dog will be his best friend. The dog will love him abundantly. Isn’t this the perfect way to say I love you by gifting them such a prized possession?

6.Run some unexpected errands

You see the toilet paper missing, go buy them before he comes. You see no snacks in the house, buy a handful. His shoes are dirty? Polish them. These small caring ways go a long way in harnessing a strong and loving relationship. When he sees grocery bag on the table, it will be no lesser than saying ‘I love you’.

Here’s some ways to convey your love in the most adorable of manners. Never forget actions speak louder than words. Your boyfriend would swoon over you even more once you fill silences with love and actions with meaning.