School may be hard, annoying, and irritating. But admit it, you’re going to miss it when it ends.

St. Ann's high school is the place where my childhood was cherished and the place which gave me a lot of memories to remember for a lifetime. School life the most amazing time of everyone’s life. A life full of wild imaginations, big dreams, stupid pranks, unnecessary laugh and ambitions to chase. Those precious days of hiding our faces behind the benches for not doing the homework, eagerly waiting for the games period and bunking the boring classes. A life full of ecstatic moments, fun and enjoyment with gossips on every topic and silly catfights, oh that’s fun in making larger groups and boring classes.

The Grand Entrance

The enjoyment of running through corridors and playing on the ground long after school hours is unforgettable. I am surely missing the happy and sad moments spent in the school, so one should understand that this time won’t ever come back bust like at the moment and have fun with your friends.

My High School Block

My Sweet Memories

  • Hoping that PT Days aren’t holidays.

  • Dreaming about birthday and new clothes for months as I can skip my school uniform that day.

  • Polishing white shoes with chalk.

  • Removing the nail polish with my hairpin during the prayer hours.

  • Hiding behind friends when the teacher asks a question.

  • Keeping quiet when the principal passes by my classroom.

  • Checking if the teacher comes with answer sheets after the exam.

  • Acting as if I have some health issues in to miss the Math formula test.

  • Sitting with a finger on my lip in the library.

  • Prayer Song, National Anthem.

The Assembly Dais

I love the sun for a day, moon for nights and the school days forever. I will surely cherish all the sweet moments spent in the school and my near and dear teachers I will surely miss them. Oops!! How can I forget our canteen that fun in rushing into the canteen along with friends and filling our pockets with snacks.

My Class Rooms

Favorite Corners Of My School Campus

It is the place where I cherish my childhood days.

Tamarind tree

It is a peaceful place near the ground where I share good memories in my huge campus.

The Tamarind Tree(My Favorite Place)


It is the only place where I can play, study, chit-chat. This place provides me all the comforts.

My huge ground


It is the place where we go and experience the joy of watching different programs.

Basketball court

It is the place where I enjoy, play and have fun with my friends.


It is the place where I can allow my imagination to wander and find new experiences with new thoughts.


Computer lab

The only place where we have Ac’s and can get stress relief.

Computer Lab


It is the place where we can gossip and enjoy delicious food.

Though I am busy with things to do every time I pause I will surely think of my school days. I miss my school days a lot, love you and miss you St. Ann’s.