Writing:A Way To Self Exploration

Apr 28, 2019   •  54 views

Writing,for me is a way to confine my endless thoughts, that I never have control on(normally humans don't,some saints may have)into words.

Writinghas been a wonderful experience for me.I was an introvert girl earlier,and the only way helped me to swallow outmy unexpressed internal chaos was "writing".

WhenI was a kid,I used to write diary,as I found this the only way to express myself and conclude what exactly I want. When you have millions of thoughts going on about something in your mind and you are unable to decide what to do or how to conclude,then just jot down all your thoughts on a paper and then meanwhile writing,you will get your answers.I used writing as a shield to tell the world what I think. Slowly, I gained the confidence to speak but my love for writing trounced my interest in speaking much.

It's because at that time we are talking to ourselves and the previously written words can't be erased and we are in charge of everything written,so we also can not turn down to what we have written. One will eventually reach to some conclusion and then this writing helps as an "advisor".

It's also a way to feel blessed,to rejuvenate ourselves,to do anything we want and something that we want to do.Its our own world having our own rules and we are the ruling head of the world of words we have created.

Every other art form be it painting, reciting, dancing, playing music becomes a performance while you are doing it. I can play the sitar and people could listen and applause. I can recite a poem and an audience can be captivated. Writing, on the other hand, is a solitary act. Writing can never become a performance. For writing this line, I have had to think, pause, imagine, press backspace and edit, change words, find better words, rewrite and finish only to reread and rewrite it. The process in itself is the most immersive self-exploration a human can do. You cannot watch someone write. It’s too boring for everyone else, other than a writer. The fireworks are going in their mind, the outside world is unaffected. An ongoing story, or narrative, is incomplete to give you the joy that a finished piece can.

You can write anything and plot some different background ,but can still tell the same story.Perhaps my parents would never agree for me to be a dancer or a singer(which I liked in childhood but abandoned the idea seeing my society's acceptance towards it),but the writing is something I still do and none criticises,instead appreciates.

It just not that,it's also a way to connect ourselves with our imagination and to give them rationality.Neither all our dreams come true as we think nor our life goes as we propose it to be.But why not penning down our imagination and the idea of what this circumstance will turn like (if I would be a god and most powerful)in my way or in my imaginations.

Writing is a way to build your own empire,a world you want to live in.The characters there will also be according to our wish and the story too runs in accordance to us.We create a world worth our exploring . As when I sit to pen down the stories I imagined,then I usually found that what I imagined is not similar to what I wrote, as meanwhile writing,I explored a lot of possibilities of this story to start,to end ,to continue and the possible events taking place.



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