Pondicherry; The Heaven You Don't Know About

Vishakha Singh
Jan 12, 2019   •  12 views

Paradise beach, impression of French colonies and cheap alcohol. This is my introduction for one of the India’s beautiful place. I drove to this union territory from Chennai. I reached Pondicherry in almost 2 hours. Beautiful scenic road makes the drive beautiful. On the way, I stopped for a few minutes at mahabalipuram – The land of caves.

As I make my way toward pondy, I realized why this place is also called “The French River of East”. Pondicherry was a part of my favorite place during my south India trip. I explored pondy in a very cool way and saw some famous spots. I also visited some of the famous tourist place like Pondicherry museum, the beach road e.t.c

However, the best part of my trip to this wonder full and on the east coast was my visit to Paradise Beach. Paradise is located 8km away from pondy. While I was on the boat, I could see the beautiful scenes and beautiful flower. It was roughly 4-5kms away from the place, where you get the boat from.

When you reach the island, the beauty will make you realize why it is called paradise. Blue. Waters and Golden sand. I never taught that this beach can be so attractive and beautiful view at paradise was very refreshing for each individual there. Being a weekend, there was crowd on the beach. The soon of wave will make you feel like a heaven.

How to reach Pondicherry-
Nearby city of Pondicherry is Chennai which is around 150kms away and will roughly take 3-4 hour. You can drive your way on take a bus from Chennai to pondy. There are cab services from new by city like Bangalore, Chennai to Pondicherry.

Best Places
You can visit some famous monuments as well as churches in this town. Visit the beach road, Gandhi status, Nehru state and Pondicherry museum.

Beware of
The Sun! The sun beats dow very strongly. If you are planning to go the beach does not forget to apply Suns cream or Sun block. If you wish to remain your complexion same. The skin easily gets darkened, so don’t go outside the hotel without applying Suns cream or lotion.

If vegetarian
If you are a vegetarian then you may struggle to find a purely vegetarian hotel. Because, in Pondicherry most of the restaurant are non-veg because people of Pondicherry mostly take non-veg as their meal. But if you are a non-veg, need not worry because you can easily form non-veg restaurant and you will have a delicious food in Pondy.

To sum it up, Pondicherry is an awesome experience. If you are on nearby town, you can go there during weekend to have fun and you can explore the beautiful places including Church and Museum. According to me, Pondicherry is a very clean and beautiful place and a similar version of Goa.