Interdisciplinary Concepts In Civil And Mechanical Engineering

Jun 21, 2019   •  663 views

Hello guys:

con of the main function of the civil engineering is the construction of buildings, Mechanical engineering is to concentrate in mainly involved in production work in industries, for which they need a large number of buildings which can be constructed by the civil engineers. For construction in the work, we need a large amount of cement. Through civil engineers we can buy the cement from the market, it is manufactured by the mechanical engineers in the cement factory. Nowadays multistoried buildings are very common in all the countries. In olden days multi-stored buildings are very less in the amount but in the modern age, there are many and many more multi-stored buildings are presented. One of the main functions of civil engineers are is to construct the buildings and the function of mechanical engineers is to work in the production department.

  • Ventilation facilities are especially in the multi-stored buildings, fire safety in the buildings and industries where civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and the fire safety engineers have to work together for the construction

  • In the health sector, doctors, health care officers, educationalists, municipal officers, taluk, and district administrators have to interact with the civil and mechanical engineers for the construction of specialized hospitals and educational institutions. Construction of dust and microorganism free operation theatres, tissue banks, wards for patients of cancer and burns in the hospitals demand in the great coordination

  • Clean room constructions for the pharmaceutical industry, R and D centers, demand great coordination of civil engineers as well as biomedical engineers.

  • Few of the tough and large scale activities are constructed of the steel industry, paper industry, dams, bridges, tunnels, metal ores like iron gold, silver, and other valuable products, etc...

  • In the transport sector, civil and mechanical engineers work together in executing facilities like roadways and railways and etc...

  • For the construction of the automobile industry, we need civil engineers to construct it and the mechanical engineers to work in it.

  • Marine engineers have to coordinate with civil and mechanical engineers to construct the containers and to lift the container blocks

  • Aeronautical engineers have to combine with the civil engineers as well as the mechanical engineers to develop new inventions that are very useful in the aeronautical field. The inventions must be the eco-friendly

  • Civil engineers have to construct big factories and the mechanical engineers have to work on it. Then the mechanical engineers have to help the civil engineers to lift the heavy weight objects by their various kinds of types of equipment