Failure Is A Stepping Stone To Success

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Hey, Guys;

In our day to daily life, there are many successful people are emerging in every single day. Did you think they are not facing any problems? Yes they do, they are facing thousands and thousands of hurdles they are facing to become a successful person in the society and the country. When successful people are facing the problems they will always try to overcome it while they overcome the first problem then the next problem will emerge and the next one and next... It will keep on going the one thing they will always keep saying failure and our problems are the way to success in my life. These words will give them a confidence level higher and higher. While we are failing in anything it can be our exams or it can be our projects, homework, and etc... we have to keep calm and think about the golden words we are going to achieve big and soon we are going to face the success. These words will help you to overcome the situation.

If you need a good example of the successful people to take "Thomas Edison" he is the great scientist in the world but he comes from the poor family background, In his childhood days he always used to think to achieve big and his dream is to become a great scientist. One day he wants to invent the bulb he can't do it he failed hundreds and more than that time but he never gives up he keep on trying it and he, again and again, he fails to do that and his family members are kept on depressing him and he was struggling to overcome that situation, but he never gives up and he started to do his work and he again fails. One day he achieves it and he discovers his invention he couldn't realize that he succeeds and his parents are very proud of him when he becomes a successful person in the world. Even though he failed many times he not at all lose his heart and he keeps on trying it and one day he achieves his dream and he becomes a successful scientist in the world... This was a good example for the failure is the stepping stone to success there are plenty of examples are there like our freedom fighters are also the best example for the failure is the stepping stone to success. Our freedom fighters are fought against the British people, many times and they failed and they have wow in that war. So this is also a good example of the failure is the stepping stone to success.

I failed my exam in some subjects and my friend passed. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the Owner. ~Bill Gates.


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