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Deforestation is one in every of the most important causes of the environmental degradation that is laid low with agents like tiny farmers, ranchers, loggers, and plantation firms. There is a broad accord that enlargement of cropped square measures and pastures are a serious supply of deforestation.

The term ‘deforestation’ describes the entire long run removal of tree cowl. The loss forest cowl influences the climate and contributes to a loss of variety. The economic activity is adversely laid low with siltation, flooding, soil degradation, and reduced timber supplies. Thus, in turn, threatens the livelihood of people.

Causes for Deforestation:

1. Agriculture:

Conversion of forests to agricultural land to feed the growing wants of individuals. There square measure associate degree calculable three hundred million folks living as shifting cultivators WHO observe slash and burn agriculture and square measure purported to clear over five large integer HA of forests for shifting cultivation annually. In India, we have this practice in North-east and to some extent in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and M.P which contribute to just about half the forest clearing annually.

2. Commercial logging:

(Which supplies the world market with woods such as meranti, teak, mahogany, and ebony) destroys trees as well as opening up forest for agriculture. Cutting of trees for firewood and building material, the heavy lopping of foliage for fodder and heavy grazing of saplings by domestic animals like goals.

3. Mining:

This causes environmental impacts like erosion, the formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. In some cases, additional forest logging is done in the vicinity of mines to increase the available room for the storage of the created debris and soil. Contamination ensuing from a run of chemicals may have an effect on the health of the native population if not properly controlled. Extreme samples of pollution from mining activities embody coal fires, which can last for years or even decades, producing massive amounts of environmental damage.

4. Increase in population:

The needs also increase and utilize forests resources. To meet the demands of a rapidly growing population, agricultural lands and settlements are created permanently by clearing forests.

5. Urbanization and industrialization:

Since Industrialization and Urbanization need land to grow, so a major amount of forest lands are cut in order to promote Industrialization and Urbanization. This creates a harmful effect on the environment and forest ecological balance.

6. Construction of dam reservoirs:

For building massive dams, large scale devastation of forests takes place which breaks the natural ecological balance of the region. Floods, droughts, and landslides become more prevalent in such areas. Forests square measure the repositories of valuable gifts of nature within the style of variety and by destroying these we have a tendency to square measure planning to lose these species even before knowing them. These species can be having marvelous economic or medicative worth. These storehouses of species that have evolved over legion years wander off because of deforestation during a single stroke.