You write him off and he will prove you wrong, that's what yuvi(Yuvraj Singh) is all about. He has been a constant inspiration to millions of people across the globe and many people like me look up to him, when we are down and low in our lives.

If we have a closer look at his life we will get to learn various things which if implemented in our personal lives can result in some drastic changes, helping us to prosper in a much better way.

One such thing was his never giving up attitude. Life threw uncountable challenges to him as it does to most of us, some of which were of the magnitude, that made him feel like his career and fame was over but even then he stood tall and faced them with grit and determination.

Talking about his never giving up attitude the one instance which I suppose is fresh in everyone's mind is his 2011 world cup heroics. Before the world cup started he was diagnosed with cancer but did not disclose it to anyone outside. He was also fighting with some poor form. None of this mattered when the world cup started as he knew what world cup meant to people of India and thus like a soldier on the battlefield, he without being worried about his life gave his all and almost single handedly won India it's second world cup.

During one match he felt some discomfort in the chest but his words were clear I will play till the end and if something happens and I collapse, then only anyone is allowed to take me off the field.

And believe me, even if one manages to have ten per cent off that attitude in whatever thing they do, that person will hardly fail.

Another element of his life which inspires me is his continuous belief in himself. After he got over cancer he faced a hard time getting back into the Indian team and was often in and out of it. But every time one thought his career was over he came back better than before and proved them wrong.

But on 10th June 2019, he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket and it was a heartbreaking moment for me as the person who has done so much for the country wasn't given a chance, not even in ipl to try and finish on a high. But as he said one does not necessarily get what he wants in life and needs to be happy with what they have got. So here I along with millions of people stand to admire what he has done for the country in the field of cricket.

'YOUWECAN' is what he calls his initiative wherein he immensely support all the cancer victims through various ways and even gives us a platform to do so, thus setting an example off the field too.

I just wanna conclude by saying he is one such human being who will continue to inspire millions, generation after generation.