Finally after four years of build up and anticipation, the time has arrived for one of the biggest festive season across countries or in other words for the One Day Cricket World Cup to hit the road running with it's 12th edition.

The world cup is not just about cricket, it's much more than that wherein emotions of each and every ardent fan is at peak and the agitation of fans is same as that of players which ultimately has a huge say in the outcome.

It's exquisite to see people of different caste,religons,nd sentiments to come together and support thier respective countries as a whole specially the Indian people and this alone speaks volume about the importance of this tournament.

It all started back in 1975,wherein England hosted the first world cup ever and then went on to host the next two world cups also. West Indies won the first two world cups before a determined India defeated them in finals of third edition of world cup. At present Australia stands as the most successfully team with 5 titles followed by two titles by India nd West indies each and then by pakistan and srilanka who have won the world cup once during the previous 11 editions.

With each passing edition one which takes place after every four years the popularity of worldcup has increased by leaps and bounds and in the process has also resulted in an increase in popularity of the game among different associate and other nations. And such is the case now that if we take fans out of equation ,niether cricket nor it's world cups will be the same or in other words fans craziness is what keeps players motivated nd the game going.

Coming back to the upcoming world cup, we already have fans going mad with the event stated to start from 30th may 2019 with the host and favouraties England set to host it for the 5th time in what is going to be a 10 team affair. It's going to be the one of the most closely fought world cup with temprament of players being also up for test alongside thier technique.

And as expected almost all the tickets are already booked so now let's tighten our seat belt and get ready to embrace this festive season which awaits us.