From being our friend to being our soul mate, music is one such constant that never leaves us.

Music, as we all know, is a vast field wherein people use it's various generating sources such as guitar, piano, tabla, e.t.c to engage and entertain themselves, wherein few among them often go on to make a name for themselves in this field. And if we were to define the nature of music what better than to describe it as exquisite.

Whether it's a poor person or a rich one, music is equally cherished by both of them and is something which connects almost each and every person through one way or the other. Now, when we talk about music, how will songs be not talked about, as in today's time this is the foremost thing which strikes one's mind when we hear the term music. How often have we been exhausted with the things going in our lives and then backed on songs to do a bit of repairing work? Quite often I suppose, as seen in most of the cases and hardly have we been disappointed .Thus songs tend to form one of the most integral parts of our life, helping us mitigate even worst of our days. One basic thing which we need to ensure to try and heal ourselves through songs, is to select the proper genre of the song as per the situation, like motivational songs when we are feeling low, romantics ones when we are with our partner and so on, as if the songs listened to are not as per the situation, it won't do us any good and can add to our present woes.

Music in itself takes us to a different world, the world which can give rise to our indomitable spirit which we are unaware of, and thus help us succeed in the real world. Now it's upon us to see how we can use music to it's best effect and if we are successful in doing so, we can achieve tranquillity, the state which is most needed nowadays. Also as we know music is ubiquitous in most of the countries, so we don't need to frantically look for distractions, and instead need to just listen to some music and let it's magic do the rest.

One last thing I want to add is the line which we have must have got bored of hearing 'excess of anything is harmful' and the same goes with music, so let's add some music to our timetable and see what it can do to us.