Behaviour-Saviour Or Reason For Failure

Vedant Saraogi
Jun 09, 2019   •  247 views

There is no denying the fact that our behaviour is what separates us from animals and nowadays even animals such as dogs seem to be better behaved than most of us. My intention here is not to insult someone or compare humans with animals but to put exertion on the point that how important is one's behaviour in shaping his/her personality and how it can be the deciding factor between one's success and failure.

There has been a perpetual increase in no. of people getting educated every year across the globe but it has been merely reduced to bookish studies especially in countries like India. A general perception is that poor people are the pitiable ones, but for me people with behavioural issues such as having short temper are pitiable.

The problem with such people is that whatever they do in life they will never be able to garner true respect. For example, a person was interviewed for his achievements in the field of sports but he was arrogant in his answers and ended up misbehaving with some journalist. This led to him losing all his fame and being banned for a year thus resulting in his downfall and wastage of all the efforts he has put in till now.

There are hundreds of people, each with different behaviour and perception, leaving us with no option other than to just focus on how we deal and behave with each one of them. Sometimes, during debate or discussions, we tend to shout to put across our point which in turn makes our point redundant even if we are on the right side.

The other thing which also needs our attention is that if we want to expedite, and the demand of the situation is as such we should use subtle methods, so as to tackle that scenario in the best possible way.

Now, as answer regarding how behaviour can be one of the deciding factors between our failure and success is found to an extent, we need to start shifting our focus towards finding ways to ensure that our behaviour is never the reason for our downfall and it's always the other way around. One such way is to try and keep ourselves composed all the time so that we are able to stay calm even in the worst case scenarios alongside ensuring that we never let it get negatively influenced by outer factors. On the ending note, there is also a need to keep a check on our attitude as it goes hand in hand with our behaviour.

So the decision is ours, Behaviour- The saviour or our reason for failure.