Apps Which Will Change A Student's Life

Vaishnavi Gupta
Jul 04, 2019   •  19 views

Now a days everyone has smartphones but not everyone can use it well .Here are fee name of apps which can make you learn great things:

✳Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the brainchild of Sal Khan . Before finding thisworld-famous organization, Khan was a teacher, entrepreneur, and hedge fund analyst. In 2012 he was named byTimemagazine .You can take as many of Khan Academy’s professionally taught courses at absolutely zero cost to you. Most of the organization’s classes focus on more “academic” subjects, such as math, science, and the humanities, though there are some great courses.


It is also similar as to khan academy. But here after buying the Plus Subsubtion you can take preparation of ur desired course and can also solve your doubt personally to the teachers there.Its is a great platform to learn and grow well.

✳Offline Dictionary

It is a great app which one can can use without the use of your data. As we all know that when ever we open our data many notifications come which may distract you from your studies soby using this app without any consumption of data we can use it even without getting distracted any more.


Its another app in which we can get the videos which will slobe the problems of your mathematics by giving proper reason statements and step which will help you in understanding mathematics in a far more better way.


It's another app from which you can get instant solution of your problems.


Even in today’s digital world,booksare still one of the best ways to learn about almost anything you can think of.

There’s just one problem: There’s a bazillion different books on a skajillion different subjects out there, and some of them are better than others.

That’s whereGoodreaders comes in. With over 40 million members, Goodreads is basically the Facebook of, well, books. Their mission is to get the right book in the right hands at the right time.

No matter what your interests, the free Goodreads app can probably point you toward the perfect book to help you learn whatever it is you want to learn. You can read reviews from other readers, and share good reads of your own.


The Wikipedia app is a wellspring of knowledge on virtually every subject from academics to pop culture. Instead of lugging around multiple heavy volumes of the encyclopedia, you can now access millions of articles at your fingertips.


It is a platform where you can learn have fun and may more. It only depends on you what kind of advantage you take this huge platform.

Now a days every on has cell phone but not everyone can use it well so be careful and use your things well...LEARN NEW THINGS EARN NEW THINGS



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