Indian Air Force, air armed division of Indian Armed force, with all its personnel and aircraft assets stands at four in the world. Chopper being one of the very crucial players, has always proved its importance in several missions with its capability of very flexible maneuverability in every disastrous case whether be it the heavy ammunition transport for the military purpose be it the natural disaster help or any other. Its ability to land vertically enhances the ease of landing as it can be landed to surfaces where any other aircraft cannot.


We see helicopters in a very fancy way where celebrity travels in it. Apart from this its role becomes very crucial when it comes to a military purpose. Its capability of landing at odd surfaces and hovering at lower elevation makes it unique.

Whenever any Natural Calamity strikes with its unique capability we see helicopters coming and helping out in evacuation or helping out with food, medicine distribution. Coming to the aggression of the chopper we see fighting chopper ready with attack mode and when it comes to cargo, ammunition supply, or medical help, chopper does the job very smoothly.

Current Situation:

Over the past few years IAF’s helicopter fleet has significantly increased the number of the choppers of U.S. types, French types and Indian Soviet built types.

Currently Indian Air Force has more than 240 helicopters and more than 50 helicopter are on board according to the records.


In June 2013, Kedarnath flood, when the natural flood has washed and swept the hopes of all lives, in September 2014, Ind-Pak flood, when the flood left people dying with hunger, diseases, in August 2018 Kerala flood, with the help of helicopter indian air force has helped people evacuated the bulk from the danger prone area and supplied the food, clothes and medicine after the flood. Imagine the scenario without the chopper??

Chopper During Kedarnath Rescue


Whether be it the surgical mission or saving lives in the natural calamity the choppers has always played a key role. Choppers indeed is and will be an integral part of Indian Air Force.



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