According to National Geographic,

"One of the largest wind farms in the world is Jaisalmer Wind Park, a series of connected facilities in the state of Rajasthan, India. In April 2012, Jaisalmer produced 1,064 megawatts of electricity, more than any other onshore wind farm in the world."

Fossil fuels yield only a portion of their original energy when converted to electricity because they require other fossil fuels for they conversion into electricity like carbon dioxide. Renewable Sources , however, result in more energy production than fossil fuels put in together. Wind, one of the most efficient fuels for electricity, creates about 1000% of its original energy inputs when converted to electricity. The cost for the production through fossil fuel is also very high.

Wind turbines were first reportedly used in Scoltland during the early 1800s and was later followed by United States and the United Kingdom. The Indian Wind Power Association was set up in the year 1996 and currently India ranks fifth , in the production of electricity , through wind power, in the world. Wind energy is often created in farms where its easy to install turbines.

The five largest wind power plants situated in India are :

  • Muppandal Windfarm Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu - capacity of 1500 mW

  • Jaisalmer Wind Park, Rajasthan - capacity of 1064 mW

  • Brahmanvel Wind Farm, Dhule, Maharashtra

  • Damanjodi Wind Farm , Odisha

  • Tuppadahalli Wind Farm, Karnataka

Wind energy is cost competitive and the cost of producing electricity from wind is very less which makes it highly efficient. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever and hence, renewable energy provides a hedge against these uncertainties and with the wind energy being the least expensive , it has become one of the best alternatives form of producing electricity now.