Treatment Of Nightfall By Best Sexologist Of Jaipur

Trishika Singh
Mar 13, 2020   •  58 views

It is a condition in which there is an unexpected release of semen during sleep more than twice a month. Nightfall or wet dreams is the involuntary discharge of semen during sleep.

What is nightfall?

When a teenage boy reaches adolescence, many changes take place in his body, and one of the main changes is the growth of sex organs and hormonal changes in the body. When the hormones changes in the body of an adult boy, he starts to imagine sex, and he starts to do masturbate. Due to the overthinking of dreams about sex and masturbation, he can suffer from involuntary ejaculation. This is called nightfall.

Many people face nightfall problems regardless of their gender or age. It’s a serious problem. You should consult a sexologist if you are experiencing a nightfall problem regularly or for a long time.

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Causes of nightfall

There are many causes of nightfall, including weak nerves, low emotional control. Other causes are:

  • When the male organ is rubbed constantly against the mattress or bed sheet, then that can trigger an erection, followed by ejaculation, and it can happen even if the person is not awake.

  • When a boy attains puberty, then he can experience sensual dreams while sleeping, then this could conduct erection and then ejaculation.

  • The testicles produce sperm since puberty, and when you don’t have sexual activity for a long time, then the excess semen that our body produces is detoxified through nightfall.

  • When you do excessive masturbation, then that can also lead to nightfall. This is a serious problem that requires treatment.

Nightfall is a serious problem, and if you are experiencing it, then you must visit a sexologist for the treatment. Nightfall can be harmful to your relationship, and if you don’t want it to ruin your relationship, then visit a sexologist.

If you want services of a sexologist in Jaipur for the treatment of nightfall problem or other sexual problems then you must visit sexologist Sanjay Jain as he is the best sexologist of Jaipur. He has been working as a sexologist for the past 13 years. He provides treatment of all types of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc.

How to prevent nightfall

There are no known methods for preventing nightfall. If the frequency of nightfall is around 2-3 times a week, then you should consult a sexologist. You can try the following methods to control the episodes of nightfall:

  • Try to understand why and when these dreams take place.

  • Don’t blame yourself for it.

  • Contact a sexologist to clear your doubts.

  • Decrease or avoid your stress level.

  • Try to sleep on your back

  • Avoid spicy food

  • Try to avoid things that cause sexual feelings, such as sex-related programs or pornographic videos.

Nightfall is a common problem in adults and older people also. If anyone is facing nightfall or any other sexual problem, then you must visit a sexologist for the treatment. If you want treatment of nightfall problems in Jaipur, then you must visit sexologist Sanjay Jain. Sanjay Jain works both as a psychiatrist and sexologist and provides treatment for all types of sexual problems and various kinds of mental health issues.

Sexologist Sanjay Jain will suggest many preventive measures that will help in reducing the incidence of nightfall. Some of them are avoiding spicy foods, exercise like jogging, proper diet, urinating before going to bed, avoiding porn, reading good books, and listening to smooth songs before going to bed.