Dil Bechara- A Tribute To The Magic That Was Sushant Singh Rajput

Tiya Singh
Aug 09, 2020   •  25 views

You were always so comfortable in each character you played, almost inhabiting them making us believe in the illusion dear SSR.. I cannot review this film, but instead I sit down, hug a pillow and cry my heart out as I watch it. Cheers to a life that will continue to inspire-

You left the home you built too soon

I don’t mean the grand walls of the apartment that surrounded you

I refer to the home you had unknowingly built in many hearts

Mansoor’s shy smile, Ishaan’s rebellion, Copying Dhoni’s sixer to perfection

Rocking them dance moves in every film/performance

There are too many to count.

You gave your craft every atom of your being

You, you were the whole damn package


The curve balls hit hard and instead of dodging, you left the crease.

Sometimes our circumstances get the best of us

And the privilege that we are so confident of, fails to protect us

If could speak to you, I would tell you of the wonders you are cast of

How you work transcends the big screen

And comes alive as it makes the robots in us feel things

Your curiosity knew no boundaries, always trying to make sense of this strange strange world

As your character struggles, my heart for a while beats to your rhythm

You were so much more than what was said, what is said of you

Without any effort, you have made your way into our lives

And even though you may have walked out too soon

We will continue to be starstruck by the magic you spun with your craft

We cannot help it- our souls refuse to let go of the marvel that you were

Even though every second you were captured on the camera now feels like a stolen second

We will preserve it, as important memories, as lessons in the making

And not let your legacy vanish

Like you suggested in a speech

I will always focus on the “now” and the “excitement”,

And be always driven for social change

The rest as you assured, will follow.

I make this promise with a heavy heart that will take its own time to heal

Tum the, tum ho aur tum rahoge.