Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2k19

Tanzil Mahmood
Mar 07, 2019   •  171 views

If you are a newbie in the field of software development, the very first question comes to your mind is “Where to begin?” That’s undoubtedly true!

There are hundreds to choose from, but how will you discover that yes, that’s the one? Which will be most suitable for you, your interests and career goals?

One of the easiest ways to pick the best programming language to learn for 2019 is by listening to what the market says, where the tech trend is going…

List of trending Lanuages


Python is a popular programming language used by companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and Reddit. Python is used for all sorts of things like building websites, web scraping, data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing. The language is designed to be easy to read, while still being very powerful, which makes it a great language for beginners to learn.

It is a very easy programming language for beginners to start out with. It’s newer than a lot of languages, so it’s easier to learn than some of the older languages, there’s a lot of demand for Python programmers (the average Python developer salary in the US is $102,000according to, and you can do some really cool things with Python from data science to building websites.


If you choose to learn iOS development, Swift is the programming language that is recommended for use. Before Swift, Objective-C was the recommended language for building iOS apps, but with the ongoing improvement in hardware technology and high performing processors, Apple developers deemed Objective-C’s performance as wanting. They saw a need to develop a programming language whose performance would match the ever-improving hardware processing speeds, and so they came up with Swift.

Swift was released in 2014 and since then has received a massive rate of adoption among developers. Yahoo Weather, Clear, LinkedIn, among others as examples ofapps built with Swift.

As a Swift developer, not only will you be able to develop for iOS, but you will also be able to develop for other Apple devices like Mac (OS X), Apple TV (tvOS) and Apple Watch (watchOS).

3. Kotlin

Whether you’re a new software developer or you’re a veteran looking to expand your skill set, it’s always a good idea to research programming languages. While there are plenty of languages available, the most common Android language is Java. However, Kotlin is starting to catch up, and many developers are taking notice.So, which language should you stick with: Java or Kotlin?

Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java. SinceGoogle announced Kotlin as an official language for Android development, the open source, statically typed language has gained momentum. It runs on the JVM and you can easily start using Kotlin on an existing Java project. Many convoluted tasks in Java become simplified and shortened in Kotlin. In many instances Kotlin allows you to add just one word or phrase that replacesat leasttwenty lines of Java code. TheKotlin websitedoes a great job of outlining key differences between the two languages.

4. C++

C++is a highly efficient and flexible language, first created back in 1985. It has remained in high demand due to high performance, reliability, and variety of contexts you can use it in.MicrosoftWindowsandGoogle Chromeare the two of the most well-known projects created withC++, and indeed most ofAmazon’swebsites are written inC++.

A career withC++involves developing desktop applications, especially performance-intensive tasks. You’ll findC++in a wide range of applications– from GUI application to 3D graphics for a game to real-time mathematical solutions.

5. PHP

80% of the top 10 million websites use PHP. PHP is particularly popular for freelance work, since many small businesses or non-technical people would want to use WordPress, Wix, or other popular content management systems to set up their websites or shopping carts.

PHP was designed for the web, and it does the job well. Facebook has made serious investments into PHP.

PHP was designed to make web development easier, and many beginners find it effortless to pick up and get started with. In fact, PHP code was so easy to pick up, many non-programmers end up being able to hack PHP code together without truly understanding the code.

PHP is a dynamically typed language. This means there are no hard rules on how to build features, and you'll have more flexibility solving problems using different methods. It is a dynamically typed language, which means the same thing can easily mean something different depending on the context.

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