A personality disorder is actually a pattern of feelings and behaviors that seem correct and properly justified to the person going through that, even though those feelings and behaviors can truly cause a great deal of havoc in that respective person’s life and also the society.

Borderline personality disorder also called as BPD is a personality disorder that mainly includes the following major symptoms:

  • Inappropriate or extreme emotional reactions

  • Highly impulsive behavior

  • A history of relationships which didn't worked

The image attached above depicts the difference between a normal person and BPD patient.

The intense mood swings can cause the patient to go through various issues in personal as well as social life. They will have difficulty in completing school, college, marriage life, etc.

BPD side effects differ from individual to individual and ladies are bound to have this issue than men.

Normal side effects of the turmoil incorporate the accompanying:

• Having a temperamental or useless mental self portrait or a contorted feeling of self (how one feels about one's self)

• Sentiments of confinement, weariness and void

• Trouble feeling sympathy for other people

• A past filled with insecure connections that can change definitely from extraordinary love and admiration to extreme loathe

• A constant dread of deserting and dismissal, including outrageous passionate responses to genuine and even seen relinquishment

• Extraordinary, exceptionally variable states of mind that can keep going for a few days or for only a couple of hours

• Solid sentiments of nervousness, stress and sadness

• Rash, hazardous, pointless and risky practices, including foolhardy driving, medication or liquor misuse and having dangerous sex

• Threatening vibe

• Insecure profession plans, objectives and goals

One of the worst thing of this disorder is that the patients with BPD may crave for closeness and love, but because of their intense and unstable emotional responses, it tends to detach others, causing long-term feelings of isolation which eventually hurts more.

Around 80 percent of individuals with BPD issue show self-destructive practices, including suicide endeavors, cutting themselves, consuming themselves, and other foolish acts.


Being with BPD patients becomes a complicated task. It tends to be hard to recognize and acknowledge the truth of BPD, however treatment may help.

In the event that you are worried that you, or that somebody you care about, may have Borderline personality disorder, contact an authorized emotional wellness proficient.

But still, the treatment helps them. With the simple help of talk therapy, one can also try how to reduce impulsive and sucidial behaviors. And as they crave for love, they shouldn't be ignored or taken lightly. Their emotions maybe often real.