What’s the very first thing that crosses our mind when we hear the word ‘employment’? Jobs, income, stress, happiness and a lot of mixed feelings. The basic dreaded idea of a job is a 9 to 5 one, too much workload, less pay and all the negativities follow. Perhaps that’s not how employment should be judged about. Employment, as termed by Galen, is nature’s physician and is essential for human happiness. And that’s exactly what the youth are destined to do; finding happiness and satisfaction while creating employment opportunities.

Pursuing different careers, self-employment and start-ups are no longer things we dream about. Trends, certainly, are changing in the favour for all those young Indians out there.

India still does lack in employment opportunities. But thanks to all these emerging start-ups these days, not only they introduce innovation and new technology but do they create a number of job opportunities, such a blessing. Flexibility of work hours, part time jobs, high pay scales, no stress of workload, etc. certainly have helped Indians to opt for office jobs too. Jobs are not really stereotyped the way they used to be back in time.

Not just the start-ups or jobs, India is seen having a surge in the family businesses too because ‘Nothing works better than just improving your product’. The continuation of the family business line not only ensures a fixed source of employment but also does gives a stable source of income without having to struggle for just the right job. They no longer have to settle for jobs but are able to live up to their job expectations which, I’m sure, would help up in the rapid growth of the nation. Also having a mentally satisfying job does affect the working ability of a person boosting him to give in all his efforts.

In recent years, the Indian start-up ecosystem has really taken off and come into its own—driven by factors such as massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and a domestic market.

Having been declared ‘the world’s fastest growing ecosystem’, India has a higher rate of employment due to the changing approach of youth towards employment and creating their own employment opportunities.