You Tube Monetization: Earn From Your Passions

Ganga Ganesh
Jul 05, 2019   •  4 views

All of us have some craze for something or we are experts at some fields. Why not utilize these passions for earnings? If you are thinking about an online income source, then definitely You Tube is a best platform. As it is a video based website, it finds to be more comfortable for the users. You Tube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, comment, and subscribe to other users. It is easily accessible and user can upload their videos by creating their account on You Tube.

You Tube can provid you income in many number of ways. There are distinct You Tube rewards given to appreciate quality videos. It was given based on the number of subscribers. Those channel users who satisfies the guidelines of You Tube mCommunity. These rewards are often named as You Tube play buttons. There are currently three different types of rewards.

The Silver Play Button is given for channels that reach above 10,000 subscribers. It was made of nickel, iron and zinc.

The Gold Play Button is given for channels that reach 1 million subscribers. It is made of gold plated brass.

The Diamond Play Button for channels that 10 million subscriber. It is made of silver plated metals.

There are many revenue streams within You Tube. There may include ads, merchandise, superchats, You Tube premium etc.

  • Ads

For this you need to enable your channel monetization. Ads are shown in between your videos. You can also use targeting tools to define where you want your ads to be shown. If you upload sensitive or controversial topics then aren't advertising friendly.

  • Superchat

Superchat enables the channel owner to interact with their fans and earn money through your chat window. You need to check whether your channel is eligible for superchat and its availability in your location. Superchats are highlighted in color and stay pinned for a period of time.

  • You Tube Premium

You Tube premium allows users to watch videos without ads. It also gives features like offline downloads of videos and play videos on background. It is available with paid membership. Revenue from these is distributed to creators based on the views of their videos.

Being a You Tube video creator is the best way to get paid on your passion. You can create videos based on your niche which can attract wide audience. When you gather a viewership and start to become a You Tube star, great things can happen. You must upload high quality content and improve your channel. Its not about the camera or expensive gadgets, you can even use your smartphone. But the videos should be stable. No one likes to watch shaky, jerky video footage. Never neglect audio. Your audio should be able to hear you clearly. Improve your creativity on subsequent videos. It is important to find your niche and work on it for maximum viewers. More and more people are using You Tube to promote their brands and grow their audience. And if you put heart and soul in making your content you can definitely earn a lot from You Tube.