Do You Wanna Catch Them At The Next Moment?

Ganga Ganesh
Jul 09, 2019   •  13 views

We are confused at many situations in our life. We may not be able to identify the right person around us. Even our besties may not be trustworthy. How can we deal with such a situation? A person's physical appearance can tell you about it. A person who is speaking about a real thing has different body language while compared to a liar. Lying means creating stories from imagination and of course it makes some changes in our body postures, eye contacts etc. So there are certain things to know while dealing with someone.

A liar can be caught by his change in body language. So for this we need to know about their actual body language. In order to identify this ask them some common questions like ,what is the time now?, what about the weather? etc. This will give you an idea about the person's normal way of speech. When this same person comes up with a lie, you can easily catch them with change in their speech, actions etc. There are some body languages that describe a liar in general.

Many people try to hide themselves from others while they are lying. They may pull their body inward, they will cover up their hands and often shoulder shrugging.

The next step is to watch facial expression. In most times people bite their lips while lying. Their eyelids may blink rapidly. Pupil enlargement is also a case of lying. These changes in face expression occurs due to increased brain activity.

Also there are some other characterstics which depicts a liar. People may sometimes change the topic they are talking about and focus on other things. They will change their tone of speech and they may start talking slowly or rapidyl than their normal pace. But these may vary from person to person.

In addition to above features there are many other which can be easily found. A person with a fake smile is most probably having some inner secrets. They may shake their heads differently. A honest person will have no hesitation to maintain eye contact. Playing with hairs, pressing their fingers, touching their noise, fidgeting etc are all the signs of a liar. Sometimes people try to change the focus without answering our questions. They may ask another question to our queries.

Even though there are many tips to find out a liar, an expert can hide all these changes and go on lying. The best option is to be honest and trustworthy. A person who speaks truth will be always pleasant. A liar on the other side may always face tensions.



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