Mix and matching can be a quite tricky thing to do. If you don’t do it right, you might end up looking like a circus clown. So here’s an article saving y’all from such mishaps.

  • Monochrome

Monochromes aren’t the riskiest with regard to fashion. But there are still chances you can over do it. To avoid doing so, you can balance the monochrome with a little bit of colour.

Like in this monochrome jumpsuit, you can balance the monochrome out with a little bit of colour. Again, you do not have to go big on the colours, but you can add it in your accessories. I think if your pair a beautiful pair of pastel yellow pumps with this jumpsuit, it’ll break the monochrome and make you look- not boring. Also, you should try to balance it with softer colours rather than the louder ones.

  • Loud prints

If you want to wear a top with loud print, you can balance it with a neutral coloured bottom.

This yellow shirt has big, loud flower prints on it. To balance it out, we can pair it with a neutral coloured beige or off-white skirt. Another thing to note is that you can try and choose bottoms with the secondary colours in your top. Like here, choosing a yellow coloured bottoms would be a big no since the top is already dominated by that colour. But you can try and incorporate the other colours.

  • Stripes

Okay. Not going to lie but this is a risky one but I’m gonna say this. TREAT STRIPES AS A NEUTRAL. There, I said it. Treating stripes as neutral can be both a blessing and a curse. If you pair it the wrong way, it can be a disaster. Else, you’re good.

Here, the shorts have big, floral prints on them. So to balance it out, instead of wearing plain white tee, you can opt for a striped tee. This looks like you put more effort into the outfit, than you actually did. So, that’s a win-win.

This is a very risky one. The colours are contrasting. The skirt is a beautiful teal colour with bird prints in it. To balance out the skirt, the top is a striped tee with pink stripes. Note that, the colour of the birds and the colour of the stripes match hence bringing this whole outfit together.

  • Different patterns

Pairing different patterns can be quite tricky.

I love this combination of polka dots shirt and gingham skirt. Polka dots can be paired with different prints. So thank god it’s back in trend to save us.

Again, here mixing polka dots and florals doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Right?

  • Big patterns+ small patterns

How elegant does this look? First of all, I love the small striped shirt. Second of all, i love the combination of blue with bright red. Third of all, I love the big chequered skirt.

This is infact one of the key ways to mix pattern- pairing small prints with larger print of the same or different kind.

  • Same colour, different pattern

Another way to style patterns is to choose different patterns of the same colour range.

For example, here she pairs a red floral skirt with a similar tone red striped tee. She remains in the same colour range and it looks elegant.

  • Same pattern different colour

If you’re wearing a two piece with the same pattern, you can try contrasting the top and lower halves.

Here, the pattern is chequered but the colours are contrasting.

  • Invert the colours

If you are wearing a two piece with the same colour palette, it is wise to invert the colours in your upper and lower half.

For example, in this is a two piece set with a blazer where the colours are inverted. Here, the patterns are different but it seems very similar. You can also try this with the same print or pattern, but using different pattern breaks the uniformity of the outfit.

So here are some tips to mix and match patterns. Hope you like it!