7 ‘70s Inspired’ Fashion Trends

Swagata Kashyap
Aug 13, 2019   •  7 views

1.Bat sleeves

Bat sleeves were predominant in the 1970s. These very extra sleeves have been back in the trend this year. These bat sleeves gives a very hippie/ boho vibe to our styles. These dresses have a very bright and happy look to it. The bat sleeves are a bold choice because sometimes they might be too overwhelming but when paired right, these can actually make a good style statement.

2.Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms have definitely made a huge comeback to the fashion industry.Bell bottoms can actually work really well when paired with a plain cute top. Pairing a bell bottom with a little heel definitely makes the look more cohesive. The heel gives a little height and juxtaposes the wide legs.

3.Dresses layered with turtle necks

Layering of dresses with a turtle neck is something that is definitely 70s inspired. Back then we saw girls wearing a black turtle neck and leggings with an A-line dress. Now-a-days the trend is to slip on a turtle neck underneath a bodycon slip-on.

4.Pairing skirts with sweaters

Pairing skirts with sweaters is so old school but it is definitely coming back in trend. This style is cute and girly in the best way possible. The pink cardigan with the plaid skirt reminds me of ‘Mean girls’ but is definitely is a good brunch outfit.

5.Striped bottoms

Striped bottoms is definitely a look that has made a huge comeback- in palazzos, bell bottoms or regular pants. This stripe definitely accentuates the look of the outfit. The vertical stripesmakes the person’s legs look longer and the person look longer than usual.


Co-ords have been there in the fashion industry for quite some time now. In 70s these were really trendy. These look very chic and sophisticated.

I love this plaid set of blazer and skirt. I love the brownish colour and the fact that the blazer is cropped definitely seals the deal. The cropped blazer makes it look modern despite the the colour and pattern that makes it look more vintage or old.

7.Striped rainbow sweaters

Striped rainbow sweaters are very 70s inspired and have definitely found a way back into our closet. These are very colourful (duh!) and unique compare to the neutral/pastel colours we prefer now-a-days. When paired with a simple pair of mom jeans or high waist skinny jeans, these look really cute and comfy.