7 Tips To Overcome Your Laziness

Sujana Pal
Apr 17, 2019   •  148 views

Funny, isn't it? You must be sitting on the sofa, munching on a packet of chips while you read this article. You must have read countless articles to provide solutions to your lethargy,but all in vain. Although, no one wants to let go of the comfort of the couch or the warmth of the blanket, all of us have daily chores to do. And if you need some motivation to do your job, here's some for you-

1. Split it Up

Big job seeming unmanageable? Not a problem. Split the task into several smaller ones and do it part by part. That way, it is observed that the job actually gets done far more effectively.

2. Dress Up

Are you a work from home person? Then ditch those sweaty track pants you've been wearing all day. They provide zero enthusiasm for work. Instead dress up in proper work clothes. Studies show that as we dress up, we adopt the character the garment represents. Thus work clothes might be a big factor in making you work.

3. Associate with a Partner

If you schedule your gym hours with a friend, you'll have more motivation to actually get up.Similarly, if you're working solo on a project, you're less likely to have the zeal to complete it. Thus, get a partner to do your job with. Commitment issues will keep you working.

4. Always have some Work on Hand

Before going to sleep, schedule yourself some work for the next day. This way you'll stop procrastinating early in the morning. It will actually propel you to get up and get going.

5. Exercise

There's nothing like exercise. Not only does it burn the calories, but also wipes off the fatigue and lethargy. Studies show that once you get the blood pumping, you're less likely to doze off or lose energy throughout the day.

6. Have to, Want to

No enthusiasm comes from having to do something unwillingly. Even if you're forced to do some work, find reasons for wanting to do it . Once you realise the actual importance of the task, you won't lose interest ever.

7. Creative Workaround

You know what's the best thing about lazy people? They invent the best creative workarounds. When you're compelled to do a task that you otherwise won't, you create a shortcut for doing it. This way you consume less time for doing that job.